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Falcone Mens New White Bart Vested Zoot Suit 3150-007

Falcone Mens White Bart Vested Zoot Suit 7150-007 - click to enlarge

Name:Falcone Mens White Bart Vested Zoot Suit 7150-007
Regular Price $149.99
Contempo Price $109.99
Save: $40.00 (27%) Today!
Availability:Usually ships the next business day
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Product Description

When it comes to dressing the part in a head turning Zoot Suit for a night on the Town or for Church on Sunday, one name that you should never overlook is Falcone. Falcone is a leading zoot suit brand that makes Zoot Suits that you are sure to love wearing and are quite affordable as well. When you buy a Falcone Zoot Suit , you can be rest assured that not only did you get a good deal on a suit but you got a sharp looking Zoot Suit that fits great each and every time you put it on. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars or more on a zoot suit to get the fit and quality that you are looking for. This Falcone Zoot Suit features a 34 inch long jacket made of Poly poplin fabric with Notched style lapels featuring a ventless jacket, lapel style vest and pleated pants that are lined to the knee.

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Men's Fashion Dress Suits are Great to wear for all kinds of Occasions. People wear mens zoot suits to Church,Weddings and First Friday Parties.Zoot suits are also great for Costume parties when you wear our godfather dress hats,dress shoes, and dress shirts all together. Depending on what part of the country you are from,mens fashion dress suits are called many different names.Some folks from the south refer to them as mens church suits.Many of the people from cities call them zoot suits because of the longer coats that mens zoot suits have.Teenagers seem to call dress suits with longer jackets Pimp Suits.It seems that everything that is slightly stylish and grown up is pimped out. Learn what kind of Zoot Shoes to wear with your Zoot Suit. Now whether you need a Zoot Suit for one those fun filled 1940s theme parties or you're shopping for a Zoot Suit Costume, you'll be more than pleased with the quality of the Zoot Suits we sell. You don't want to waste your money on one of those fake looking Zoot Suit Costumes when for not much more you can get yourself the real thing.

Questions You May Have Shopping Online for a Zoot Suit.

Question: Is there any special way to order a Zoot Suit online?

Answer: If you are person who knows their suit size, then you already know your zoot suit size and you should just order the size that you currently wear. Now, if you don't know your suit size already, all you need is a cloth tape measure that is probably sitting in a sewing kit that is inside the closet somewhere and a friend or relative to take your measurements. The first thing to have someone measure is your your chest circumference which will be your actual chest size and therefore should be your suit size. Now if your chest measures an inch smaller than what you see listed as a zoot suit size, just order the next chest size up. So, if your chest measures let's say 43 inches around, just go up to size 44 and that should be your zoot suit size. Next is to measure your waist with that same tape measure. Now if your waist size measures the suit and chest size that you've already determined. You're golden. If your waist is either a couple inches smaller or a couple inches larger there is no need to fret because you're in luck. Zoot suit pants are constructed just like regular mens suit pants and are made to be let in or let out up to two inches by a tailor without any major issue. This usually doesn't cost much more than the getting your pants hemmed. You have to understand that a zoot suit is for the most part are tailored clothing so you will need to have a couple alterations done to them since they are off the rack so to speak.

Question: Is this Zoot Suit the same type that were worn back in the zoot suit days of the 1930s and 1940s?

Answer: The zoot suit like any other clothing for men or styles for men has evolved over time. What they do have in common with the zoot suit of the old days is that the jacket is several inches longer than a standard suit for men and are usually a bit baggier cut as well. The pants are also baggier for the most part than your standard executive business suit is making this zoot suit not your authorized office wear. The whole point of the zoot suit is not to look like a business suit and to be anti-establishment in both style and nature and never ever to look like a business suit but to stand out on purpose. The original zoot suit from days gone buy had not only a long suit jacket but had extremely padded shoulders to give the wearer a V looking silhouette going right down to the peg leg bottoms of the pants which were close around the ankles to show of the outrageous looking shoes that may or may not have been spectator shoes worn and impossible not to see. A zoot suit has been and always will be a way to offend those who like what is traditional in nature sort of the same way that a Tattoo offends those with the same sensibilities.

Question: Do I have to wear a hat with a zoot suit?

Answer: My opinion on this quite straight forward. In order to get the same "In Your Face" look with a zoot suit. It is necessary to top off your look with a Fedora hat, preferable with a wide brim because first of all since the look is from the 1930s, all men wore hats with their suits back then, so in order to get that look as well in this day and age, you should top it off with a dress hat too. If you go with a wide brim fedora you'll really bring that look to it's maximum potential and do your zoot suit a really big favor for getting your look as authentic as possible.

Question: What kind of dress shoes should I wear with a zoot suit?

Answer: If you're going to wear a zoot suit, you're going to need some shoes that are outrageous as the zoot suit you're going to wear. If you can find some two tone dress shoes that match that suit like a pair of black and white spectator shoes if you're wearing either a black zoot suit or a white zoot suit, you're already on the road to pulling off the look properly. If your suit is perhaps a gangster or pinstripe style. Try to find dress shoes that match the stripe color. So if the suit is let's say a black with a red stripe configuration. Try to either find a pair of dress shoes that are either black and red two tone shoes or are just red dress shoes like a pair of red crocodile type shoes because with suit like a zoot suit, you want your shoes to stand out just as much as your suit stands out. You don't want your shoe to disappear but to be in everyone's face. If you're wearing a white zoot suit like this Falcone style, you don't want to just wear a plain white color pair of dress shoes if you want your look to be authentic. You want to going with something either two tone or if you're wearing let's say a bright red or other bright color dress shirt, try to find a bright color pair of shoes to match the shirt and contrast that zoot suit so people will see what the 411 is.

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