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1920s Style Mens Shoes-What to Look For

The 1920s also known as the roaring twenties was an era unique in both History as well as style. It was a time of change in America and the attitudes of the people reflected it. After the days of World War One, people didn't want to do much more than appreciate life by having a good time and going out. Prohibition did little to stop this. The 1920s fashion concerning mens shoes reflected an attitude that was designed for men who wished to enjoy life fully and dress in a stylish manner that reflected squeezing out every bit fun possible.

1920s mens shoes started getting a bit more original in design and weren't just for providing footwear for protecting your feet. The dress shoes became a way of distinguishing yourself from everyone else in crowd. Stacy Adams quickly became a brand that reflected this personal individuality that was tantamount for expressing style. Stacy Adams Madison Shoes and the Dayton are two styles that were on fire back then and are still produced today which is pretty amazing. The Madison is a cap toe style shoe that was originally called the biscuit toe because of it's appearance and when you look at them you can really see back in time. The Stacy Adams Dayton is 1920s style wingtip shoe that also possesses the same vintage attributes as the Madison. They both have vintage 1920s style that just can't be ignored.

It was not uncommon to see men dressed up wearing shoes that were two tone color spectator shoes like the black and white Stacy Adams Dayton or wearing "Spats" which were black and white boots in a Madison style that were black on the bottom and white up top providing a fashion minded look that let people "Put on the Ritz" which was an expression back in the 1920s of really living it up. You will find these types of shoes worn on the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" because of their period correct style. Every now and then the camera will zoom to the actor's feet and showcase even for a brief moment what kind of shoes they had on their feet.

Cities were where you would find these swanky styles back then where stylish shoes and clothing was important as it is today and the 1920s made it even more so because it the era right before the economy collapsed before the Great Depression. People back then were living it up and partying like it was 1929 completely unaware of the dark cloud forming before the economic floor dropped and dressing stylish was attitude of that care free era.

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