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1920s Vintage Style Suits are Alive and Well

1920s Vintage Style Suits reflected a vintage period of time that allowed men to really portray themselves in a stylish manner. The 1920s were a very unique era during American history. Alcohol became banned under the Federal law of prohibition. The moment it became illegal, the Gangsters organized and started giving the thirsty public what they wanted which was booze. The vintage era of the 1920s was also unique for the era of mens fashions in regards to suits that men wore back then.

Mens suits back in the 1920s had much more variety available that were worn for business than the suits of today. Today, a business suit is usually single breasted and has a 2 button or 3 button jacket with the fabric being solid color or a muted pinstripe. This wasn't so back in the 1920s. Unless you were a banker, there were many varieties of fashion styles that men wore for their day to day business. For one thing, vests were almost always always worn and they had style to them like double breasted looks and lapels on them. Try finding that on a business man in this era.

Another fashion trait were more creative style patterns that you only see on modern fashion suits like bolder stripes and window pane pattern fabric. The vintage style suits also tended to have a longer cut jacket by a couple inches that just lent a more sophisticated type of look. The jackets would also have more creative looking lapels which may be wider or have some sort of unique style to them. The pockets also could have unique style instead of just your basic style flap pocket that is the only type found on a modern business suit. Vintage suits from the 1920s had all of these features and more making wearing a suit more of a personal expression than just a uniform of sorts.

Lucky for you, if you like vintage style suits with those unique 1920s appeal, there are a couple brand names that continues to keep the tradition alive. Stacy Adams and Falcone. These two brands happen to worn by men who favor those old fashioned suit styles that men wore on a regular basis back then. Chances are that their grandfathers told them stories of how unique looking and stylish suits were back in those days compared to modern executive style suits which have no fashion appeal.

Stacy Adams is primarily famous for their dress shoes and happen to manufacture many of the styles that they made back in the 1920s like the Madison and the Dayton which have unmistakable vintage 1920s style. You can just tell that the style originates from that time period by the shape of the shoe as well as the heel and sole. The suits that they make today also reflect the same values as their retro style shoes because they too are made in styles that look like they are from the 1920s with bolder pattern fabrics and fancier pockets and lapels that you would see on an average type of suit. The styles are alive and well and continue for the most part to be worn by men who have to dress in a stylish manner. So, if 1920s style suits attract your attention like a moth to a flame, you'll have plenty to be happy about.

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