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1930s Style Mens Suits

1930s style mens suits have burned their way into the psyche of American culture as well as Europe with their distinctive fit and designs that seemed to set them apart from other vintage eras form mens suits. If you've ever watched an old black and white gangster movie from the 1930s, you'll know exactly what I'm referring to. Back in those days, Men's suits seemed to stay away from the tighter fit with their comfort inspired jackets and looser fitting high waisted pants with pleats. In those days during the 1930s if you were inclined to wear a suit, it wasn't just for working in the office. A suit is what a man wore out and about if he wasn't a blue collar worker. It was the way to dress. There were no casual jeans and t-shirts to wear or polo type shirts like you see in our era. During the vintage eras like the 1930s, a man wasn't fully dressed unless he was wearing a three piece suit, dress shoes and of course a hat on his head. Even wearing a two piece suit wasn't considered being completely attired either.

The double breasted suit seemed to have made it's popularity known in which, the man wearing it didn't have to wear a vest or waist coat as it's also known because of the way the double breasted jacket wraps itself around the front of the man's torso who is wearing it. In the 1930s these bolder style suits became quite popular and stayed that way into the 1940s era as well. You can picture the big bold peaked lapels and baggy high waisted slacks to match for the complete ensemble during the 1930s.

The zoot suit made it's presence known during the tail end of the 1930s by the Mexican American men in the southwest of the United States. The suit became also popular with many African American men as well with it's counter culture style and attitude. The zoot suit is essentially an exaggerated 1930s style suit. On the jacket of the 1930s style suit, there is some padding on the shoulder but on the zoot suit, there is a bunch of padding that makes the shoulders look broader and vee shaped from the back. The looseness of a 1930s suit became more extreme for the zoot suit in that the jacket was even more baggy in the torso and about 8 inches longer in length compared to a standard suit of the era. The high waist of the slacks on a 1930s style suit was made even higher on a zoot suit. The waist would go over the navel on a zoot suit. The legs were even baggier and then to make the look even more extreme the bottom of the pants legs were peg legged and tight to emphasize the boldly style wing tip shoes or two tone shoes that were worn by the man who was hooked up in this 1930s era suit.

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