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Alligator Style Shoes

Mens alligator style shoes have always been about style. No doubt about it. There probably isn't a business environment or office in the world that wouldn't frown upon someone going to work wearing Mauri Shoes with their wild style and attitude. The reason is simple. Any type of shoes with alligator skin or even faux alligator are all about making a statement. In an office environment, making a statement is not encouraged and actually frowned upon. The office is a place of business and being a cog in the wheel is far more important but if you're on your own clock, then and only then should you be seen wearing alligator style shoes.

There are several types of alligator style shoes from actual dress shoes made of real alligator skin to the mock style Alligator Shoes which are essentially textured uppers made to look or emulate alligator shoes which can either be made of real leather that is stamped with an alligator print or synthetic faux leather that has more of a plastic like look to them.

Real alligator shoes pretty much speak for themselves. They are always high end shoes that are made of real alligator skin by hand and cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. When you see them in person you immediately know that these shoes are special and not some mass produced commodity that was made by the millions. There are also alligator style shoes made by Stacy Adams which are mass produced but made of real leather uppers and often with leather soles as well that would be a better choice for alligator style shoes.

Then you can bump it up several notches and go high end with hand made alligator style shoes which can cost about five hundred dollars. These are hand made dress shoes that are in every way just as good as real alligator shoes except that they are just using high quality calfskin leather that has been pressed to look like alligator skin. These alligator style shoes feature the same pride and craftsmanship that you would see with genuine alligator shoes except the lack of any real alligator skin. The high price of these shoes is sort of baffling because for just a couple hundred dollars more you can get authentic alligator shoes. Go figure. So, if you're the type of man who doesn't shun style and fashion and likes the way alligator style shoes look, there is no reason not to take the plunge.

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