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Now if you read a lot like I do, you'll accumulate all sorts of tidbits of information. As you well know, we sell the exotic skin dress shoes in several brands and one of the best know brands in Belvedere. Now if you hadn't noticed, there are a few different products with the name Belvedere and although they are completely different products produced by different companies, they all have the same thing in common. Whether it's shoes or vodka, if it has the name Belvedere on it. I guarantee you that it's a premium product. A luxury brand name product because with the name Belvedere on it. It has to be. You see Belvedere has always came to associate wealth when you have the name attached to it.

Originally Belvedere was an architectural structure of arches in the front or rear of a luxury home to give breath taking views to owner of the home. Picture a large row of arches on the top floor over looking the town of Tuscany and you get the general idea. The wealthy who were the only ones able to build luxury and design into their homes would have a Belvedere built both as showing their wealth and for giving them a view of the City that few could afford. Since then, Belvedere has always been a name that was associated with wealth.

When the Belvedere Shoes was being formed. The owner was looking for a name that was both easy to remember and identified was sort of product would carry a name that signified luxury exotic skin shoes made of crocodile and such. Belvedere was the name and the rest is history. There was no way with a brand like Belvedere that the shoes manufactured were going to anything less than the very quality possible. The shoes would be made of the very best leathers and exotic skins and would be hand made with no corners cut in the manufacturing process whatsoever.

You can always tell on most mass produced shoes that corners have been cut to save on the cost of producing the shoes but when shoes are completely hand made with an intent to be sold at several hundred dollars a pair, cutting corners is not only unnecessary but will damage the reputaion of the brand name. Belvedere shoes are and have been always an affordable luxury shoe for men who appreciate finely crafted and hand made shoes in the Italian tradition. Shoes that literally pamper your feet and show your personal style. Belvedere was a very good choice for a brand name for shoes of that caliber, so make no mistake, next time you see the brand name of Belvedere attached to any product, you can guarantee that the product you are looking at is well crafted product that is dedicated to being the very best product in it's class.

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