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Can I Wear a Zoot Suit to Work

I've actually seen some people wear Zoot Suits to work in a non corporate work place and let me tell you that they look simply ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with wearing zoot suits as long as you don't wear them to work. The whole purpose of these wild looking long coat style ensembles is that they are outlandishly styled for maximum attention. When you wear a zoot suit you want all eyes on you. You want to shock people in a way that just doesn't work in an office environment.Zoot Suits are for fun and not business. Zoot suits have no place in the work place and will be a distraction.

The whole reason a man wears a suit ie: Business suit to work is that it is essentially a uniform that all the men in the office must wear so that they can simply concentrate on business. A Business suit is usually dark in color and not made so you can be seen several blocks away. How can you concentrate on business if somebody shows up to work wearing an outlandish zoot suit? The answer is, you can't.

Zoot Suits are made to be seen but for different reasons that the work place doesn't allow. It's no different than why women shouldn't wear revealing clothing in an office environment because it is distracting to all those conducting business. Both men and women alike. Keep your zoot suits for party time and you'll do just fine.

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