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Crocodile Style Shoes

When it comes to dressing flashy, you would be hard pressed to find any shoes more eye catching than Crocodile style shoes. In world dominated by the same old thing, crocodile style shoes stand out heads and shoulders above the rest because they are hard not to notice on someones feet. Many men not accustomed to getting dressed up will do literally anything not to stand out in the crowd but for the man who likes the spotlight on him, nothing will help him achieve that better than a pair of crocodile shoes. The reason why crocodile shoes stand out so prominently is because they generally are a fancy Italian designed shoe that has the latest styling. It's not like the Italian designers just take your basic business oxford shoe and make the uppers out of crocodile skin, not at all.

The shoes generally offer style and sleekness that won't be seen on a pair of business shoes in any way shape or form. Crocodile style shoes may have a squarish shaped toe box that may be narrow or may be wider depending on the style of the day. The crocodile shoes may even be of more than one color or even three colors put together for the person who really wants to shine. When was the last time you saw someone in an office wearing shoes that came in three colors? Exactly.

Now depending on your budget, lucky for you crocodile style shoes come in your basic look alikes for about $50 that come in practically every color you can imagine all all kinds of styles or Genuine leather crocodile prints for 70 to 80 dollars from makers like Stacy Adams Shoes and Giorgio Brutini or real crocodile skin shoes which start at about $300 and go up from there. Of course if you really want to treat yourself I recommend the real crocodile shoes and Alligator Shoes. You don't need to buy all of your shoes in real crocodile but it's nice to have a couple so you can appreciate how wonderful they really are. So, fret not, you have some flashy shoes on your feet that are affordable to the luxury priced authentic crocodile shoes.

Now, just be warned that you do get what you pay for, so if you really want to enjoy the true luxury inside and out, you'll need to save a few dollars and buy a pair of the Crocodile Shoes. You'll know the difference immediately. It's sort of like going from a condo to a luxury lined mansion. There is no denying the difference.

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