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David Eden Shoes-How to Care For Them

You just received your new David Eden shoes from ContempoSuits.com and are happy as happy can be. Real reptile skin shoes are a luxury that can't be denied buy you do need to take proper care of them to get the most out of them. Whether you just bought your first pair of David Eden brand Shoes or have been wearing them for years, do you know how to properly take care of them? Shoes made by David Eden as anyone should know are genuine reptile skins and are made of fine quality exotic skin leathers like crocodile skin,alligator skin and lizard skin which need to be properly taken care of.

You don't have to treat Alligator Shoes like they are delicate, just take care of them the way you would take care of a nice new BMW 7 Series. You don't need to baby David Edens either. Remember that the skin used on a pair of David Eden branded Shoes comes from an animal that would eat us if they could. The first thing you should do when you get a new pair of Reptile skin Shoes is to polish them with a neutral color wax shoe polish. Don't use color polish on Exotic skin shoes like David Eden because you don't want to stain the color that they were dyed at the factory. Why, because you want to give your new exotic skin shoes an extra layer of dirt and water repellent protection that the factory doesn't give.

They just give a very light once over with a liquid type spray wax but what your new David Eden Shoes crave is good quality polish. Now you should have a shoe shine kit whether it's in an old shoe box like me or one of those boxes designed with the foot step. You want to have all types of colors of shoe polishes as well as old toothbrushes to apply the polish, rags and also a couple of horse hair shoe brushes to buff out the shoes.

So first you apply the polish. Now, be gentle and don't put in on thick, but put it on lightly. Make sure you get it into those nooks and crannies that reptile skins like crocodile skin have. You don't want to put in on too thick though because that will just make it harder to remove after. Now after you've applied the polish to your new David Eden Shoes, let them sit a couple of minute to let the polish settle into the leather. Now grab your shoe brush and buff the daylights out it, back forth and side to side etc until you start to a see pair of exotic style David Eden mens shoes that you didn't see before. Now do the other shoes and you're done. Wow, that is what I call a good pair of Crocodile skin David Eden Shoes. Now you can wear them. After you're done wearing them for the day, if they got a little dirty, make sure you wipe them down with a slightly damp rag and immediately stuff them with cedar shoe trees to absorb all the moisture and get them back into shape for next time. If you follow these simple instructions, I guarantee that your new David Eden Shoes will look newer longer and last much longer.

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