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Mens Fancy Dress Shirts

There are mens dress shirts for work and mens dress shirts for play. Mens Fancy Dress Shirts are the latter when you are not on company time. The fancy styles, colors and patterns are a complete polar opposite from your standard solid white or blue dress shirt that would be worn for work in an office environment. Men's fancy dress shirts can run from the ornate to the truly unique depending on the style or brand you seek.

One of the first things that sets mens fancy dress shirts apart from basic dress shirts is the style. Since they are all about style, fancy is where you find it and these types of dress shirts will feature fancy style collars such as spread style collars or ornate stitching and embroidery on the collar. Things that you would never see on a business style dress shirt. It's all about getting noticed and the types of collars are the first thing you notice on a fancy dress shirt. The cuffs of course are also not ignored as well. The dress shirt may have fancy ornate french cuffs or a fancy style barrel cuffs that have more buttons than may be needed simply for closure but become decorative themselves. Combine fancy style collars and cuffs and with contrasting colors and you're on the way to designing a fancy dress shirt style.

Color is and has always been important in style and fashion and is not ignored for making mens fancy dress shirts. Daniel Ellissa and Fratello are known for combining bold fashion colors with contrasting cuffs and collars to design their fancy dress shirts that are loved by men who love to wear stylish suits on a Saturday night. Steven Land is a new brand on the block that really pushes the word bold when it comes to their execution of colors combined with patterns.

If you think mens fancy dress shirts are just just unique solid colors, that is only half the story. You're going to also find loud colorful patterns as well all with the intention to tell a story about your style. You may fine bold stripe combinations, all types of plaids and even polka dots. If the style designers try to introduce new patterns in Italy, you can rest assure that these fancy patterns will make their way to the latest mens fancy dress shirts.

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