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Faux Alligator Dress Shoes

If you're a fan of alligator shoes but don't have that big money a this point to invest in a pair, you are in luck because in this day and age you'll find a very nice selection of faux styles but we prefer real Alligator Shoes. As we all know, the word faux means fake or imitation and faux style alligator shoes are just that. Mens alligator style dress shoes that are designed to look like a pair of let's say Mauri Shoes but are not actually made of real alligator skin. There are several types of faux alligator shoes out there and some that even cost several hundred dollars that can be mind boggling to people.

The first type of faux alligator shoes are the fully synthetic version. These shoes are not only not made of alligator skin in any way shape or form but are not even made of any type of genuine leather. These dress shoes are usually made of poly urethane uppers that are stamped and textured into looking like alligator scales to give the shoes that gator style look. These are cheapest versions you can buy because they are not made of real leather or alligator for that matter. The uppers are PU as well as the lining of the shoes and the sole is synthetic as well. What you are simply paying for is the style and look of a dress shoe that is meant to mimic an alligator shoe.

The next type of faux alligator shoe will be the mid priced level versions. These types of faux alligator shoes can be made by a number of brand names, the most popular being Stacy Adams Shoes. Stacy Adams has been making faux style alligator shoes for years and since they are a long time brand name, they have developed a very big following. Their faux alligator shoes are made of real leather that are made to look like alligator shoes. Basically what they do is the leather tannery they source from takes their shoe leather and using an embossing press, they press the look and texture of alligator shoes into the leather before they are cut and fashioned into dress shoes. These as dress shoes of course are superior to the PU type of faux alligator shoes just because having leather dress shoes on your feet are both better for your feet because leather breathes better and they last much longer than synthetic faux alligator shoes. If you're only going to wear the dress shoes one time for an event, then it may not matter that the shoes are synthetic and won't last as long.

The last type of faux alligator shoes are the hand made high end version. These dress shoes usually are made in shoe factory by skilled shoe artisans in Europe and are literally made the same way as genuine alligator shoes inside and out except that instead of using alligator skin for the uppers, they will use very expensive alligator printed leather for the uppers. These shoes will actually sell for as high as five hundred dollars because of the fine quality craftsmanship employed into the making of these faux alligator shoes. The point of spending about half the price on fake alligator shoes seems pointless but there are some men out there who buy them apparently. These high end dress shoes will feature hand made and carved leather soles and heels with brass tacks and have fine leather linings as well in the interior that are actually no different than what you will find in a pair of real alligator shoes. The only difference is that no alligator was killed to be made into these fine crafted faux alligator shoes.

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