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Gator Skin Shoes

Oftentimes I will have customers call us asking if we sell gator skin shoes. When they say gator skin, I'll ask if they mean Alligator skin or Crocodile skin. You see Gator skin shoes is just a generic term for either alligator skin shoes or crocodile skin shoes. It doesn't necessarily mean that the shoes they are looking for is the genuine article costing several hundred dollars. Gator skin shoes is just an abbreviation for alligator or Crocodile Shoes anyway but just for the record there is a difference between alligator skin and crocodile skin.

Sure you may be looking for shoes with the scaling skin on it but alligator skin does look a bit different than crocodile skin because on alligator skin there are little dimples in the skin that crocodile skin just doesn't have. The shape of scales are slightly different as well. Plus crocodile skin comes in few different varieties depending on where the crocodiles are from where as alligators are only native in the US and China. Once you educate yourself on Gator Skin Shoes, it won't take long for your discerning eye to see the difference.

Now if you're looking for real gator skin shoes, just know that you'll need to bring your wallet with plenty of money in it because since gator skin is not a plentiful skin like cowhide, it's going to cost much more to be made into gator skin shoes. Lucky for you that you will have a choice in styles and colors for gator skin shoes because Italian shoe designers work non stop coming up with new and innovative designs for gator skin shoes. Once you feel the natural texture of real gator skin shoes there will be no going back for the imitation gators.

I've seen good imitations too but there is just no replicating the genuine skin on Alligators and Crocodiles. Find Alligator Shoes Here. Dress for that black tie event in your very own Tuxedo. See what's new in the world of Mens Suits. Now you can shop for some new Stacy Adams Shoes. Up your shoe game the right way with Belvedere Shoes. Maybe you're shopping for Zoot Suits.

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