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Giorgio Brutini Shoes-Made for Men Who Have Style

Mens dress shoes are so important for your image.Whether they are leather dress shoes,Italian style dress shoes,crocodile dress shoes or snakeskin dress shoes they should be new looking and match your suit or walking suit. Nothing looks worse than wearing a new fashion dress suit and a worn looking pair of shoes. I see people all the time go shopping for a new dress suit or casual two piece set and completely forget about the shoes that they are wearing on their feet. I know they may be trying to save some money but hey, youíre already committing yourself to buy another suit you may as well dig just a little deeper and get some new shoes with style. Nobody is telling you to go crazy and buy some exotic stingray skin shoes made in Italy by shoe ferries. That is where Giorgio Brutini comes into play. Stacy Adams Shoes are also a very good choice as well.

Giorgio Brutini has been making dress shoes with style for well over thirty years. These stylish looking shoes are made only with the finest leather with leather linings for your comfort. When you slip your foot into a Giorgio Brutini dress shoe it feels like Heaven and fits right the first time. Itís an instant moment that you know your feet have arrived. The cushion and fit is nothing short of buttery feeling. The reason that Giorgio Brutini Shoes are so comfortable is because of how they manufacture them when it comes to combining the fit and quality with style.

They use lasts, which are shoe molds that factories use to form the upper part of the shoe. Their lasts are more orthopedic than many other lasts that shoe manufacturers use. Iím sure you may have went shoe shopping and tried on a pair of shoes and wondered whose feet were these shoes made for? The shoes you tried on were your size but how come they feel funny? The reason is because the manufacturer went cheap on the shoe lasts. By using generic shoe lasts, the end product will be a pair of shoes that just donít fit or feel right.

Thatís where Giorgio Brutini Dress Shoes come into play. Giorgio Brutini doesnít skimp on the Lasts or other parts of the manufacturing process. The leathers they use are full grain leathers, (not that semi fake corrected leather which is a very thin layer of leather and then sprayed with vinyl). Only full grain leathers will fit your feet better and hold the shape of the shoe better. Nothing is worse than a pair of shoes which lose their shape after a couple of wears.

Another thing about Giorgio Brutini Dress shoes is style. Sure you want a well made pair of dress shoes but they should look great also. They constantly have their shoe designers combing the streets of France and Italy looking for the latest styles to manufacture their shoes with their premium leathers so your feet can look their best.

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