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Mens Vintage Style Suits-How They Differ

When I think of Vintage Style Mens Suits, there are two words that come to mind. Style and Fabric. Vintage style mens suits are usually made with bolder pattern fabrics and possess the vintage styles that look nothing like a conservative style business suit and will give you the look and fit you that will make you stand out from the crowd. Mens vintage style suits are unique to our modern era. They have jackets that may be longer in length. They will usually have ornate or fancy style vests as well. Things you just don't see on a regular style suit. Vests were very common and important back in the good old days and it would actually strange to see a man wearing a suit that didn't have a vest. A man would actually not be fully dressed in those days without a vest or waist coat on. You'll find fancy style lapels or drop scoop openings on vintage style suits depending on the era from which it comes from. The scoop style vest started in the days of prohibition and had a run into the 1930s for evening wear in more of the ritzy clubs of the day.

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