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History of Stacy Adams Shoes

Some things you just can't make up. I'm talking about when lightening strikes and things change. When a great idea gets started, it oftentimes happens by accident but once that accident transpires things are never the same again. It's how History starts and changes everything that you thought was a given. An idea happens and it immediately takes root. You know the feeling when something pops into your head and there is simply no shaking it. Well the same thing happened in shoe history over 100 years ago. William H. Stacy and Henry Adams were both shopping for mens shoes in the same shoe store. It all of a sudden dawned on them that all the mens shoes in that store were designed exclusively for function and style wasn't even a consideration. They immediately were not enthused about this situation and the salesman working at the store noticed this and introduced the men. It didn't take long before they realized that they both had the same yearnings for stylish mens shoes and so they put their skills together and formed the Stacy Adams Shoe company. From that point on, the history of Stacy Adams Shoes was born.

What set apart the Stacy Adams shoes from other shoe was the intricate stitching and making colors that you just couldn't find anywhere for mens shoes. Let's face it, back then mens shoes were like Model T Fords, they came in any color you wanted as long as they were Black. They combined style and changed them up just enough that they looked like completely different shoes from what they started with. Stacy Adams came out with completely new designs or created completely new designs. 1875 was the year that mens shoe industry changed and History of Stacy Adams Shoes was born. Learn More about Stacy Adams Here.

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