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How to Steam Your Suits at Home

How to properly take care of your Mens Suits is a very important thing to know for any man who wants to get the most for his money. Your suits are an investment and it's great thing to know how to care for them properly so you don't spend all of your money at the dry cleaners when all they really need is a good steam to freshen the suit at home.

The first thing you should do is buy yourself a garment steamer. A garment steamer is something that all proper suit shops have to take the wrinkles out of their suits and you can buy one too for your house. It's a stand up steamer that allows you to steam out the wrinkles of your suit jacket and pants without needing to press them. They usually have a hook to hang the jacket on the hanger and steam it in that manner which is what I recommend. You can usually buy them for about fifty dollars and they allow you to do things that you really can't do with an ironing board and iron.

The first thing you want to do when it comes to steaming your suit jacket is the sleeves. Any good garment steamer produces a ton of steam so keep some water on hand. With a garment steamer the idea is to let the steam do all the work when you steam your suit. First thing you want to do is the sleeves one at a time. Hold the sleeve taut from the cuff of sleeve and start at the shoulder part of the suit jacket. Slowly move the steam head down and let the steam remove the wrinkles that may be in the fabric. The steam not only removes the wrinkles but as a bonus will kill the bacteria from sweating and will deodorize your suit at the same time which is why you shouldn't bring your suits to a dry cleaners after wearing them once or twice unless they actually became soiled. You should easily get a five or six wears before you bring your suit to the dry cleaners.

After you do steam both sleeves, it's time to steam the torso part of the jacket. Start with the front and do the same thing by firmly holding the bottom of the jacket taut. Almost trying to stretch it and let the steam glide away any wrinkles and freshen the fabric. Now do the back part of the jacket the same way and your suit jacket will be as good as new.

The slacks are a little trickier and I recommend that you have them on a clip type hanger and hang them full length from the waistband. Now that you've developed a feel on how to use a garment steamer you'll pretty much figure out that you'll need to do one leg a time letting the steam slowly but surely remove the wrinkles in the legs of the pants. Now if you want to preserve your creases, try to keep the steam head way from the creases or you can always finish up the legs with with your trusty ironing board if need be.

Once you learn how to steam your suits at home, you'll be surprised how much money you can really save by not dry cleaning your suits every time you wear them. You'll end up visiting your cleaners once a month instead of once a week and save up quite a bit of money that way.

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