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How to Wear A Dinner Jacket

When you finally grew up and started appreciating grown man clothing, you started to realize that there is a lot more to learn than originally thought. You learned about dinner jackets and may have seen a few people wear them but you wanted to learn how to wear a Dinner Jacket. Wearing a dinner jacket is not that hard and with some trial and error, you can too can properly learn how to wear a dinner jacket and look good.

One of the first things you need to wear a dinner jacket properly is a full length mirror. Yeah, that's right. If you don't see yourself entirely put together, how are you going to know if you're wearing the dinner jacket that you have donned correctly and not look out of place. There are several ways to wear a dinner jacket. Formal, casual and dressed down.

Wearing a dinner jacket in the formal manner is the classic and tried and true way to dress. We're talking after eight tuxedo style with the black tie or bow tie and black tuxedo pants. It doesn't really matter what color or style dinner jacket you plan on wearing, the main thing is that the tuxedo pants you're going to wear should be black for the formal contrast and look. Sure there are other color tuxedos out there like white, ivory and even light grey but those are not for formal occasions. Those are worn for special occasions. Make sure the shirt you are wearing is clean and in new conditions. Nothing looks worse than wearing a worn looking white shirt. Last but not least, on your feet should be either patent tuxedo shoes or at least highly polished black dress shoes that are also in new condition. It just looks terrible to wear a beaten pair of dress shoes when you're supposed to be dressing to impress.

The casual method of wearing a dinner jacket has nothing to do with a formal setting at all but more of a fashion setting like casino or night club where style counts. Wearing a dinner jacket in this manner usually involves a little bit of creativity with your style and this when you take that dinner jacket you're wearing and pair it up with a pair slacks that work and enhance the jacket you're going to wear. They don't necessarily have to match color wise but should have some of the color that is in jacket whether it's the body of the fabric or the lapels to match up with your slacks. Then a fashion type of button down shirt and a fashionable pair of shoes to finish the look.

The final way on how to wear a dinner jacket is to dress it down. Dressing down a dinner jacket is pretty much the same way as wearing it casual except that instead of dress pants or slacks, you're going to hook up that fancy jacket with a pair of designer jeans that should be stylish and not look like something your father would wear. The jeans you wear should be dark in color for the right stylish look. The shirt you wear should also be a fashion minded button down shirt and fashion style shoes to finish the look. Now look in that mirror and see if you now know how to wear a dinner jacket.

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