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How to Wear a Slim Fit Suit

If you have bought a mens suit in the last several years, you may have seen or bought a slim fit suit. Now if you're into style and fashion, you know that slim fit suits are now the go to style for trend setting men all over the world. You will also know that slim fit style suits are for wearing when you're on your own clock and not to wear to the office because stylish suits still play no roll in the world of business. If you have bought a slim fit suit or two lately, you may have been concerned in how to wear one stylishly. You see, a suit may be a suit but the wearer still needs to have a personal sense of style to really make the whole look come alive. You don't just put it on with a shirt and tie and then you're dressed. Oh, no. Style is what separates the leaders from the followers and if you want to take your style seriously and really not be ignored in the club when you're at the bar trying to order a drink, style and confidence is what will separate you from the wall flowers there.

The first thing you need to know about how to stylishly wear a slim fit suit is what size you need to wear. It's all well and good if you are slim guy and just go with your regular suit size which let's say is a size 40 Long. Just go with a size 40 Long slim fitting suits and you're ready to move on. If you're a regular built guy who may have been to the beer and wing emporium a little too often, you'll know immediately that you just can't put on your regular suit size in a slim fit suit be done with it. You'll feel like a sausage in it's casing which is not only bad look but uncomfortable as well. You will want to go up a size in the suit. Let's say you wear a 44 Regular suit and want to wear a slim fit suit, do yourself a big favor and try on that size 46 regular slim fit suit and you're done. Now, let's move on.

There are multiple ways to wear slim fit suits stylishly. You may just want to go with the standard dress shirt and narrow tie look to go with the narrow lapels that slim fit suits all have as a throwback to the 1960s era. Think JFK era. If that is the style you're seeking there are tons of shirt color and tie pattern options so you can have quite a bit of fun putting your look together for the evening. Now if style is what really drives you. I'm talking about the type of style that you may see Celebrities like Usher or Pharrell Williams exude. You will need to be a bit more creative. If someone like Pharrell Williams wears a slim fit suit, he is going to add some of artistic nature to that suit as if that slim fit suit is a blank canvas. He may wear a bold and flashy style shirt underneath. I've seen him wear slim fit suits with his shirt cuffs fold up and over the sleeves of his jacket adding both contrasting color and style. You'll see many trend setting men doing this the latest styles of button down shirts that have those contrasting fabric trim on the cuffs and collars and may have those triple button fronts that certainly don't look like something that you would ever find at a Brooks Brothers. Mix up a basic color gray slim fit suit with a bold color or pattern shirt and flip the cuffs over the sleeves and see how fast you get your drink at the bar that night. You don't need to wear a tie but you need to be creative about how you wish to wear your slim fit suit.

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