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Italian Cut Suits| Style Makes Them Fit Different

Italian Cut Suits have long been known to the be the style that men who take dressing seriously and want to look stylish when dressed up have to be seen in. There has always been a long time association with fashion and style when it came to suits with Italian design features. This article will break down the differences that you will most certainly find when comparing Italian cut suits to a British and American design suits.

Looking at the suit on a hanger, most suits will pretty much look the same, it takes either putting on that suit or looking at another person wearing it where the differences become readily apparent. Start off with a traditional American business suit as a starting point and these are the features you are going to see compared to an Italian cut suit. On an American business suit, you will find that the jacket features straight lines which is caused primarily by the baggier fitting jacket that has shoulders with very little padding for a more natural look compared to an Italian cut suit. You will also find that they have baggy style but flat front pants and are basically designed to not be very stylish looking. They are made primarily as a business uniform first,second and third.

On a British cut suit, It will have a more tailored look compared to an American suit but not nearly as tailored as an Italian cut suit. You will find that they have higher armholes with narrower shoulders and the jackets almost always come with big side vents originally put there for comfort when riding horseback. They are made to be stylish although that is not the primary goal of these types of suits. They are extremely well constructed and generally use much heavier fabric and thicker chest piece canvas all with the goal of providing a more constructed look. You will most certainly see that the notch seams on the lapels are much lower than you will find on an Italian cut suit. The Italian cut suit tends to favor bringing those notches higher up to the collar. The pants on a British style suit will be baggier in appearance with a higher waistline than you would ever see on an Italian style suit and always are pleated without exception.

The primary purpose of any Italian cut suit is the fit, first and foremost. What you're going to find is a stylish type of suit that is far more fitted than you will ever find on the an American or British style suit because the torsos are generally much more tailored to the body of the wearer with well padded shoulders all with the intention of giving the wearer a V-type look from the shoulders down. You will find that an Italian cut suit is generally a little shorter in length as well and that they are made with lighter fabric and chest piece canvas than what you're going to find on a suit that is English made or style. The pants although are generally pleated with either single or double pleat style will fit much better all with the intention of giving the man wearing it a more fitted style and tapered look. If you are considering wearing an Italian cut suit, be advised that look best on men whose proportions are slimmer and tend to look their absolute best on taller slim men maximizing the way that Italian cut suits look.

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