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Mezlan Custom Bella Mens Gray Lizard Skin Captoe Shoes con

Mezlan Custom Bella Mens Gray Lizard Skin Captoe Shoes con - click to enlarge

Name:Mezlan Custom Bella Mens Gray Lizard Skin Captoe Shoes con
Seen Elsewhere $425.00
Contempo Price $379.99
Save: $45.01 (11%) Today!
Availability:Item Is No Longer Available
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Product Description

Mezlan shoes are for the Euro centric well dressed man who appreciates Italian Style and the good life and doesn't like to compromise what he likes for anything less than the very best. Mezlan shoes takes Exotic animal skins like these made of lizard and pairs it up with the old school tradition of Italian shoe making with Italian design producing not only a superior made shoe but a superior looking shoe that will attract total strangers to inquire who makes them. Read More About Mens Crocodile Shoes Here. Learn more about Mens Exotic Skin Shoes. When you buy Mezlan Shoes, your wardrobe and you will look your absolute stellar best. So, when the time comes to buy Mezlan Shoes, ContempoSuits.com is the Online Store for You. I bet you're ready to treat yourself and Shop for Mezlan Shoes. Learn More about Mezlan Shoes Here. Find the Whole Collection of Mezlan Dress Shoes Here.

You don't need me to tell you that Mezlan shoes are just a wonderful footwear creation made for men who like to treat themselves every once in a while. When you open up that exquisite shoe box and gaze upon the soft flannel shoe bags that Mezlan shoes all come in, you'll know right then and there that these are no cheap shoes, they're not even budget priced shoes but shoes that are made for the man who simply wants the best dress shoes that are stylish in design. When you let a brand like Mezlan take a classic style dress shoe like a cap toe oxford shoe, you know something special is going to come of it. Maybe they might take that cap toe shoe and give it a sleeker looking profile that only Italian shoes will have and maybe they will make those shoes out of something exotic and unique like genuine lizard skin leather giving those cap toe shoes an appearance that will make people look twice whether they realize they are checking your shoes out or not. When you have the top Italian shoe designers at your disposal, a brand like Mezlan can afford to make the best Italian style shoes you can buy at any price.

Wanna Learn How Mezlan Shoes are Made.

Here are some Questions that you may have about Mezlan Shoes

Question: Do Mezlan shoes run to size?

Answer: Mezlan shoes come in a medium or D width and are sized in a traditional American dress shoe size. Dress shoe sizes are at least a full size larger than your sneakers or tennis shoes would be. For example, if you wear a size 10.5 in a pair of Nike's, you would need a size 9.5 in a a pair of Mezlan shoes to fit the same way. I'm not sure why sneakers run different than dress shoes but they do and Mezlan shoes are no different.

Question: Are Mezlan shoes comfortable?

Answer: Yes, Mezlan shoes are very comfortable because they are made out of the very best quality Italian leather leathers inside and out and use high quality shoe lasts or forms that ensure that Mezlan shoes have a very correct anatomical fit. Once you slip them on, you'll immediately know that these shoes are not only stylish but are made to fit comfortably. Like any high quality dress shoes, Mezlan's are completely lined in smooth leather which helps absorb moisture unlike man made materials used in lesser brand name shoes and provide a very smooth and comfortable environment for your feet. To ensure further comfort, underneath the foot bed is a lining of memory foam which will aid your comfort.

Question: Are there any special steps you need to do to take of Mezlan shoes?

Answer: The first thing I tell any customer about taking care of Mezlan shoes is that they should take care of them. Now, depending on whether the shoes are made of Italian calfskin or an exotic skin like lizard or crocodile or a combination of both. One thing needs to be clear. You need to keep them clean. When the shoes become soiled you should wipe them down with a damp rag and remove any dirt or soil that they may have gotten onto the shoes. Afterwards let them dry and then to further your proper shoe care, Apply a quality shoe polish lightly with an old rag or a old toothbrush which is what I prefer to use. Lighty apply the shoe polish and let sit for a couple of minutes. Afterward, take decent quality shoe shine brush and buff the daylights out of each shoe, one at a time until they look like you can't wait to put them back on your feet. When you are not wearing your Mezlan shoes, I highly recommend that you store them using nothing but all cedar shoe trees that will provide the benefit of keeping the shoes in their proper shape and also absorb all foot moisture out of the interior leather linings of the shoes. If you follow these steps, your prized Mezlan shoes will last you a very long time.

Question: What kind of clothing can I wear with Mezlan Shoes?

Answer: Personally I believe that if you are a stylish dressing man to begin with, you can either dress up your Mezlan shoes or dress them down. If the shoes are made of Lizard or Crocodile, I would recommend that you should stick to wearing those type of Mezlan shoes with stylish fashion suits but the shoes that are made of Calfskin leather can equally worn with either suits or even nice designer jeans and a stylish button shirt and blazer ensuring that you will look like a million dollars.

Question: What makes Mezlan shoes so special?

Answer: If uncompromising quality shoes made of nothing but the very best leathers and made in the old school Italian tradition of shoe making being completely hand made of hand cut leather, sewn by hand, hammered by hand and leather soles that are also carved by hand is important to you combined with the very latest Italian design and style available, the answer will be very clear once you buy your very first pair of Mezlan shoes.

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