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Men's Fashion Dress Shirts-What Makes Them Different

Men should all know what kind of dress shirt is acceptable in an office environment. Basic white or light blue. Now that we have gotten past that, let's talk about men's fashion dress shirts. These are the type of Mens Dress Shirts that men will wear when they are living their life and not working at their job. Men's fashion dress shirts are dress shirts at their core but have all types of unique fashion touches that makes them completely different and not work acceptable for an office job. These fashion dress shirts come in dizzying variety of styles, colors and fabric patterns that are generally designed in Italy.

Let's discuss what makes mens fashion dress shirts similar to a standard dress shirt. They both have long sleeves and similar construction with a full button down placket in front, a proper shirt collar with structure to maintain a certain stiff like appearance and shirt cuffs that button close on the wrists. That is what men's dress shirts have in common with men's fashion dress shirts.

Like everything else in life, the devil is in the details and that is where men's fashion dress shirts simply stand apart from generic work ready dress shirts for men. Let's start with the details. The fashion details that make them different. Design houses in Italy have usually young fresh out of fashion college designers with fresh ideas in their head and get hired by the Design houses to create fresh and unique styles for their new line of men's fashion dress shirts. The designers will start their sketching and start with how the fashion dress shirt should fit on a man. It may be regular fit or a more tailored fit. Once that is decided, the designer starts with fashion details of the dress shirt itself. Should the cuffs and collars be different. Should they have some unique feature that makes them look totally different than a basic style dress shirt. Maybe the cuffs and collars should have a contrasting color fabric trim or pattern trim that stands out. Maybe the Cuffs and collars are big and bold and designed to really make a fashion statement that can't be ignored. The cuffs and collars may have multiple buttons for detail or maybe some sort of design that you would never find on a dress shirt but only on a fashion style dress shirt. These are all fashion style details that seem to change every year on men's fashion dress shirts just like other fashion styles.

Every year or two, a fashion pattern fabric may come into play and be incorporated into the design team that is creating men's fashion dress shirts. Think of bold plaid pattern fabrics and perhaps even something like polka dot pattern fabrics. There is always something new that comes out in the fabric mills for fashion and these get immediately sent to the design houses to see what their young designers can come up with. It's sort of like providing a chef in a fancy restaurant with special food ingredients and seeing what that chef can create out of them for a spectacular dish. No different.

Fashion colors change as well when it comes to men's fashion dress shirts. Every year or two a new color may either come back or come out. A fashion color that looks unique and wasn't used recently and all of the fashion design houses start designing all types of clothing and footwear and accessories to introduce this new fashion color. It's no different with fashion dress shirts and you'll see multiple brands featuring their line of shirts with this new color because they know that people who like wearing fashion menswear want to be seen wearing the latest thing when they go out on the town. The world of men's fashion dress shirts is ever changing and it's quite exciting what does change and get introduced every year for men to wear.

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