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Mens Crocodile Shoes

Mens Crocodile Shoes
Once you become a Veteran Mens Fashion Suit Fashionista, you may have considered getting yourself some Real Mens Crocodile Shoes. Whether you wear suits that are flashy or just Classy, I'm pretty satified with the fact that you have wanted getting a pair of these bad boys. Being in the Mens fashion suit business for over twenty five years, it's pretty much common knowledge for us that we need to provide shoes to sell and match the suits. One of the most popular type shoe for men to buy are crocodile printed leather dress shoes. Men who are into matching up their suits to their shoes simply love the look of crocodile shoes for one reason. They know how much genuine mens crocodile shoes cost. Real Mens Crocodile Shoes usually start in the range of $250 to several hundreds of dollars. Why. The answer is one of marketing first laws of commerce. Supply and Demand, and also Quality of Mens Crocodile Shoes. Since crocodile skins do not grow on trees but on real crocodile, the supply is very limited indeed. Crocodiles are not widely hunted except when populations may become large enough that they need to be culled so they don't endanger humans. Since crocodile are not raised and eaten for their meat as much as cattle are, they are only good for their rare and exotic skins. So that makes the cost of genuine crocodile skins so expensive because of the rarity. Dress shoe manufacturers have bent over backwards to try to perfectly emulate the true texture of crocodile skin shoes but to no avail. They simply don't look quite like the genuine skin. they are also no where near the same quality as real crocodile shoes either. It doesn't stop them from trying though. That is why genuine mens crocodile shoes cost so much more than their printed cowhide counterparts. Read Articles on Crocodile Shoes

Shop Here for Mens Crocodile Shoes By David Eden. Did you know that ContempoSuits.com also sells Tuxedos too. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable priced Mens Suits. Don't Forget to Check out our selection of Stacy Adams Shoes. Take a walk on the Exotic Skin Side with Real Crocodile Shoes by Belvedere Shoes. Maybe you're shopping for Zoot Suits. Learn How Crocodile Shoes are Made.

Mezlan Loafers Mens Leather  Two Tone Moccasin Hallman
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Mezlan Duncan Mens Brown Camel Crocodile Wingtip Shoes 13458-F IS
Size 10.5 Only If you like real crocodile skin shoes Mezlan and like the way two tone wingtip spectator shoes look, you'll want to pick yourself up a pair of the Duncan by Mezlan Shoes.
Seen Elsewhere $680.00
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Why buy crocodile shoes? Well, I'll tell you. If you're a fashion forward stylish dresser and like to garner attention where ever you go and where ever you may be, crocodile shoes will take you there. Plus, when you buy real crocodile shoes you are guaranteed that they are some the best quality made shoes and feel more comfortable than other types of dress shoes because first and foremost they are not cheap so the shoe factory doesn't cut corners on quality and use cheap materials to make genuine crocodile shoes. Many of our customers love to wear crocodile shoes because of the way they look and the way they fit on their feet.

Plus crocodile shoes last a long time so do get your money's worth compared to cheap imitation shoes that start to look bad a few wears in. In fact it's the complete opposite. Crocodile shoes are made to the highest standards possible using only the best shoe making skills and made out of the finest quality leathers inside and out. It's common sense that Quality cost more. You can't find quality when the shoes are made of inferior materials using cheap manufacturing methods. Something that would never ever be done with a pair of real Italian crocodile shoes. You won't find fake leather anywhere near a pair of real crocodile shoes that you buy. You won't find rubber soles or synthetic resin soles on a pair of real crocodile shoes. You also won't find real crocodile shoes made in Italy stinking of glues and plastic that is used on cheap shoes trying to look like real crocodile shoes. You will only find high quality hand polished and hand stitched long lasting leather soles on a pair of genuine crocodile shoes. You will also learn how well real Italian crocodile shoes fit because they are made on anatomically correct shoe lasts which form the shoes and create the exact proper fit that tells you the moment you slip them on your feet that these Italian crocodile shoes are special and worth every penny you paid for them. When it's a Crocodile Shoe that has caught your eye, you can find them here with Free Shipping.