Fortini Milano Men's Plain Tan Color 3 Button Suit 802P

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You too can look as sophisticated as the model wearing this tan color suit by Fortini. Featuring the timeless look of a 3 button jacket and notched lapels, this khaki color suit will soon be whispering for your to come up with creative ways to get dressed up. That is just the easy style of khaki color suit. With a closed vent-less back and double pleated pants. You'll simply look good in a suit of this color. The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller then the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants When I think of khaki suits, I always think of a summer wedding outside. I think that is because some of the first summer weddings I've been to, I would always see a very well dressed man who was invited to the wedding wearing either a beige or khaki color suit and just looking like a million. Khaki suits have that summer suit appeal and lend to itself a natural affiliation to being extremely well suited being worn outside for summer weddings and special occasions. It just simply works for that sort of party plus since it's not a dark color, the sun won't be beating down on you and you'll be able to stay cooler and comfortable dressed in your best.