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Mezlan Shoes-What Makes Them So Special

Mezlan shoes are not for men who don't appreciate fine hand made shoes boasting true special quality touches. When you start shopping online for these fashionable looking Mezlan Shoes, you will notice that they are an exclusive brand of designer dress shoes that you won't find everywhere and the company takes extensive pains to make sure that only the very best shops and online stores sell them and make sure that they are never sold at less than their suggested price so that the brand doesn't get discounted and soil it's reputation and brand name. It's because they are no less exclusive than authentic Gucci pocketbooks that ladies will almost kill for and it is the reason that you will almost never see while shopping online. So, getting back to when you first start shopping and pick up that exotic skin shoe that is made by hand, the first thing that you will notice is the sleekness of style that only Fashionable Italian Style and European Style shoes possess, a sleek style almost like a Ferrari for your feet. You're going to feel a certain sort of heft that lesser brand shoes can never ever have because it's made of the good stuff. You don't find the usage of plastics in these high end shoes like you find in cheap mass market shoes.

Now look inside the interior, what do you see. Nothing but soft velvety leather should be your answer. Nothing but buttery soft lambskin is used for lining the entire interior of hand crafted footwear. Right then and there you should know that cost was not an option when these shoes were made and were made of only the very finest Italian and Spanish old fashioned tanned leathers available. the type of leather that you can tell as quick as quick can be that this leather belongs only on a fine pair of shoes not some lesser make. When you're looking for the very best dress shoes available, you should only insist on full leather shoes inside and outside. Real full leather shoes such as Mezlan show you that these are shoes that are made not only the old fashioned way but are made to last unlike cheap shoes that are made to barely make it a year if you're lucky. A fine hand made shoe is made to be cherished, taken care of and resoled when necessary after several years of stylish use. Just by properly taking care of your Mezlan shoes by cleaning them after use and sticking in cedar shoe horns to keep their shape and absorb the moisture, you'll quickly realize that these shoes will serve you and your ego for many years indeed which can never be duplicated with cheap mass market brand shoes.

Mezlan shoes have such a subtle taper to them that if you wear a large size shoe, your feet will actually look that much smaller. Now turn them over and look at the sole. Yeah, I know it's a shoe sole but on a pair of Mezlan dress shoes it's really a hand crafted, hand carved leather work of art no less exquisite than fine furniture. You will see the carving,tapering and hand stitching as well as perfect sleek looking Italian tapered shape that compliments the overall shape of the shoes. The shoes are made with the Blake method of shoe construction which is a of course a hand made method that allows the shoes to have a well tapered sole and heel for that sleek look that that Italian and Spanish shoes are well known for years and years. The Blake style method also allows the shoes to be lighter in weight than your Goodyear welt type of shoe which is clunky looking and never can be sleek as a Mezlan shoe can be. It also makes for a more comfortable shoe because the shoe sole on a Blake constructed shoe allows just the perfect amount of flexibility that your Goodyear welt style shoe simply can't. It's kind of like the best of both worlds and why Mezlan only makes their shoes in this method.

Now take a good look at that heel. That is no just the bottom back of the shoes but also and equally special part of the shoes. The all leather handmade heels on all luxurious shoes are hand stacked and glued leather that is perfectly shaped by hand and hand nailed into the leather soles with brass tacks and a special hammer for the purpose. Now that you have really looked at the hand crafted leather soles on your new pair of Mezlan's you almost think that they look almost too nice to walk on the streets with. You don't want to mess up these shoes and you know you will avoid any dirty looking spots on the sidewalk when you're walking in your exotic skin hand crafted footwear. Some of the shoe soles and heels on these shoes are every bit as nice as the uppers and you can tell that they didn't just slap them on the way you find on cheap synthetic types of dress shoes. Some of the soles may have either a painted finish or colored stain finish. They even have a little brass plaque nailed on the bottom telling you that real alligator skin or other exotic skin was used in the making of these shoes. Some of the soles will have a decorative application of brass nails which serve some purpose but let's face it, it's mostly to make the shoes that much better looking and enticing. Actually irresistible. It shows you that these are designer shoes that are high end and not your basic bargain brands. It really isn't much different than the way that a car like an Aston Martin has all sorts of subtle features and details that basic mass produced cars can't have for their price point or quality of materials for that matter. Once you start with your first pair, it is going to very difficult to wear your old shoes in your closet and you'll be spoiled for wearing anything less on your feet and being seen wearing anything less on your feet. That is what makes Mezlan shoes so special.

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