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Mens Paisley Blazers

If you keep abreast of mens fashion and like Mens Blazers and Stacy Adams Shoes, you would have noticed a resurgence of blazers like the paisley blazer. A mens paisley blazer is very similar to a Dinner Jacket and depending on the style can also be used as a dinner jacket. What you will find with a paisley blazer is the fancy woven fabric that is usually silky microfiber with a woven paisley design. The fabric is quite luxurious and simply translates into a very nice looking blazer. These blazers and jackets are perfect for wearing with David Eden shoes.

There are plenty of different interpretations of the paisley blazer depending on the designer that is creating one on his drawing board. You'll find that some of these fancy fashion blazers come made exactly like a traditional dinner jacket or tuxedo jacket with the black satin lapel and satin covered buttons or you may find a paisley blazer that has a more 1960s era Jersey Boys look to it with an all over paisley fabric and have maybe some trimming treatment on the lapels for a welcome contrast. Either way, the paisley blazer is a fashion force to be reckoned with especially when combined with Stacy Adams Shoes.

You will find guys and more sophisticated men wearing them a number of ways. The first and foremost way to wear a paisley blazer is in the vein of wearing a dinner jacket or tuxedo jacket with a pair of tuxedo pants as you would dress it up as an actual tuxedo. The paisley pattern will certainly spice up the staid look of a traditional tuxedo. Another way to wear a paisley blazer is dressing it down. Pull out a pair of dark designer denim jeans, put those on. Next put on a either just a plain white dress shirt preferably with french cuffs or a fancier fashion style button down shirt and throw on the paisley blazer. Now you're put together in a stylish dress down manner and you'll be ready for the night life that you are entering all by wearing a paisley blazer.