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Pimp Hats

Pimp Hats. So called hats that pimps wear. There are all kinds of hats that pimps wear. They just donít wear one type but many types. Anything that is totally outlandish is usually what they will go for. Besides, how many real dyed in the wool authentic street Pimps have you seen with your own eyes doing his thing. Not many, I bet. Only one time did I ever see real pimps with their so called investments working the streets when I was in New York about 20 years ago. My friends and I actually stumbled onto a street where they all were. It was like a scene in a movie. They all had their crazy looking Lincolns and Cadillacs, their ridiculous bright color attire and their ladies.

I swear, the stuff real pimps wear is custom made for outlandishness. These days everybody refers to dressing flashy as getting pimped out, or looking like a pimp or dressing pimp. I guess in some twisted way, being one of these underworld characters has become cool. Itís all cool until you go to jail though. Now these days you rarely see Pimps dressed in the manner that they once did only because the smarter ones have learned that it brings too much Police attention to you. You canít be a pimp and do your business if you are always getting locked up.

These days pimps are dressing in much more scaled down manner. The Pimp Hats they wear are usually Godfather Hats or a Homburg Hat that come in all sorts of bright fashion colors to match any suit they are wearing and Crazy looking outfits they wear now are zoot suits. They can still Pimp their style just by the way they put it all together and carry themselves but it is a far cry from Don the Magic Juan.

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