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Slim Cut Suits-What's Old is New Again

Slim cut suits are what you see those young movers and shakers wearing either to work or that trendy new Bar downtown with the overpriced drinks. What goes around comes around. What's old is new. In the world of mens suit fashion, it's a known fact that what comes around goes around. You can always expect a mens suit fashion trend to come back after a generation or so. It could be some sort of inspiration that causes this to happen like watching an old movie that gives the mens suit fashion designer the “Idea” for this new style to come about.

One of these new mens suit styles that has popped back onto the fashion radar are Slim Fit Suits. Slim Cut Suits are a culmination of what happens when you take a basic 2 Button Italian Style Mens Suit and Cut the Jacket so it fits like a glove to the wearers body. Slim Cut Suits are suits that were popular in a huge way during the early to mid 1960s and then went out of style once the Vietnam era and the hippie revolution took hold. These tighter fitting style suits are easily recognizable by their the tighter tailoring suit jacket stylecombined with narrower lapels and side vents on the back the jacket. Slim Cut Suits of this nature are not for the out of shape because there is no extra material to hide any body flaws. Slim Cut Suits like most suit fashion first jumped on the fashion circuit scene from the Runways of Milan Italy and quickly made it's way to mens suit manufacturers in Asia to produce a quality mens suit that anyone could afford.

President Barack Obama may have been the unwitting actual catalyst for the whole look because of his tall slim stature, he simply looks fantastic in a fitted suit. Sure, he doesn't wear Slim Cut Suits because those are strictly fashion but his 2 button business suits are tailored like any other President would have. It's just that he is just the right height and size to make his suits look good on him. Slim Cut Suits can be seen in the various types of fabrics that were popular in the early sixties such as Shiny Sharkskin which is a slightly shiny fabric that mimics a shark. You can find them in of course, black in both solid and shadow stripe fabrics that look great for going out as well. If you have the proper physique, and by proper I mean thin. I highly recommend checking out our mighty large selection of nice styled Fitted looking Suits.

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