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Slim Fit Suits- How to Wear Them Properly

When You're a young up and comer and just bought a couple new Slim Fit Suits, You have realized that You don't exactly know how to wear them properly for maximum effect. You see, even thought slim fit suits look pretty much like other mens suits except cut slimmer, You need to know how to properly accessorize it so You look the absolute best in order to boost Your confidence level when You're wearing your slim fitting suit.

Besides being slimmer fitting to begin with, slim fit suits have a few features that You need to know about in order to wear it properly. On most slim fit suits, one of the first features You may notice is the lapels. The lapels on a 1960s style slim suit are narrower than most lapels. What this means to You is your tie selection to wear with Your new slim fit suit. Think narrow or at least narrower. If You already some basic width ties sitting in Your closet tie rack or in Your tie drawer. Ignore them. You're going to need some silk ties that are slightly narrower to compliment the slimmer lapels that are Your slim fit suits. I recommend that the best width ties will have straight drop sides unlike most ties that get wider as until the bottom of the tie. On a straight drop tie, that is say 2-2 1/4 inches wide, You will properly accentuate the narrower lapels on your slim fit suit.

The next thing on how to wear your slim fit suits is whether to cuff the slacks or not. With regular suits, the choice is yours to personal preference but with slim fit suits, the slim fit style pants should never ever have cuffs on them. The leg on the pants tapers far more than on a traditional suit so putting a cuff on such narrow leg opening just doesn't look right nor do it any justice. You'll find that with the simple hem on the pants and sleek silhouette, cuff-less is the only option. The hem will most likely sit on top of Your shoes for the proper length since the opening of the leg will not allow it to go any further. Follow these simple rules and You will look Your very best when you are wearing these great looking slim fit suits.

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