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Stacey Adams

I sometimes get this question concerning the spelling. Is it Stacey Adams or is it Stacy Adams that makes mens shoes? Well, if you read any of my articles or just read the title of the shoes you would see that it is not Stacey Adams. People everyday go online to buy Stacey Adams when they are trying to buy Stacy Adams Shoes. Or they shop for deals on Stacey Adams Shoes when they are shopping for Deals on Stacy Adams shoes. You see, Stacey Adams is sometimes misspelled for Stacy Adams when someone may be shopping online for dress shoes for men. On the other hand, there is an actual Stacey Adams and she is an actress that was born in 1960 and then branched out into production work in Hollywood which has nothing to do with mens shoes at all. She is the daughter of "Get Smart" star Don Adams but somehow people seem to misspell her name instead when looking for Stacy Adams shoes.

As we all should know by now, Stacy Adams was a brand name established back in 1875 by two men by William Stacy and Henry Adams who took their surnames and slapped them together forming an incredible long lasting brand name shoe. If you haven't already learned, these shoes in question have been popular since the first biscuit toe version call the Madison first came out and since then have generally been Italian style dress shoes made of genuine leather uppers and sole and have always been affordable for just about anyone who appreciates Italian style shoes to begin with because Italian style shoes made in Italy cost several hundred dollars by comparison. Now, for about $75 dollars you have have a well made shoe made of leather that fits well and is long lasting, so it's a no brainer for most folks who like Italian fashion.

Since people are always looking for their dress shoes because of the fast paced style, affordability and durability, it is often misspelled as Stacey Adams instead of Stacy Adams but as we all know, the customer is looking for those great looking stylish mens shoes and not the former actress Stacey Adams. It's a simple mistake and even I have made it once or twice before and it's not the type of mistake that spell check would even pick up since there is an actual Stacey Adams. So next time you are shopping online for mens fashion dress shoes, remember that it's Stacy Adams, not Stacey Adams at ContempoSuits.com. Find the new style Stacy Adams Shoes Here. Do You Like Genuine Crocodile Shoes.


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