Statement Men's 100% Wool 3 Piece Suit Blue Vest Tailored Fit Benson

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If you want to look well dressed in a modern fit suit, you need to know that not all modern fit suits are created equal. That is why Statement should be the brand that should be at the top of your shopping list. That is because when it comes to modern fit suits, it's not just the way a suit fits but also needs to be made of fine Italian fabric. It needs to have a full chest piece and quality construction so it sits right and fits right on you. This gray color pinstripe suits features a tailored fit cut with side vents, narrow 1960s style lapels, the vest to complete the look and flat front slim fit pants all made of fine Italian pinstripe wool fabric.

This suit comes in a Modern Fit. If you prefer regular fit, you will need to order the next size larger.