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Steve Harvey Suits Review

Steve Harvey suits are quite a bit more than just another suit with a Celebrity's name sewn on the inside. What you're going to find with a Steve Harvey suits is the reflection of the man's fashion personality. This review on Steve Harvey suits is about showing you what sets them apart from other mens suits out there and why you'll love wearing them as well.

One of the first things that you'll notice on a Steve Harvey suit is that they come with wide leg pants. Wide leg style pants aren't just baggy pants for comfort but have a certain way they drape on you and land on your shoes. You'll notice that with wide leg pants, that cover a bit more of the shoe allowing you to choose to wear more Italian style shoes and enhancing the way they were meant to look on your feet.

On every jacket of a Steve Harvey suit is a daring combination of both Italian and American suit styles infused. Steve Harvey suits are known for their full cut jackets that are meant to be comfortable to wear all day long but what sets them apart from a basic American style suit for business are two things mostly. The shoulders and the lapels. The shoulder padding that is used in a Steve Harvey suit is the type that you'll find in Italian style suits. Italian style suits have more padding in the shoulder to give the wearer a V style silhouette where as an American style business suit almost always has a soft natural shoulder in comparison. By combining the Italian padded style shoulder with a fuller cut torso on the jacket, you'll have a drape that allows the fabric to hang beautifully and in a stylish manner that American business suits just won't be able to replicate.

The lapels that you find on Steve Harvey suits are also a feature that sets these suits apart from basic business suits and that is because these are lapels that are meant to be seen. Not carefully styled so as they are not really noticed. You will notice when you review a Steve Harvey suit that they are usually peaked style lapels like you find on Italian suits and have that double breasted width to them just so you get noticed that this suit is no ordinary suit for work but a suit that reflected your style. This review of Steve Harvey suits was meant to showcase the features that make these suits in a class by themselves.

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