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Suit Jacket-There are Many Styles to Know About.

When it comes to suit jackets there are two basic types. The single breasted and double breasted suit jacket. The single breasted style jacket is the more popular version that is composed of a single vertical row of buttons down the center of the front of the coat that can range from one to four on a classic style suit. They come with either notch or peaked lapels. The double breasted style jacket is a completely different animal all together featuring two rows of buttons ranging from either four or six buttons altogether and this model just so happens to wrap across the front of the wearer buttoning on the side making for a very regal appearance.

A double breasted suit jacket is not nearly as popular as a single breasted style because most men seem to find the the style a bit daunting,even intimidating if you will. It takes a man of true confidence and personal sense of style to wear the double breasted suit jacket style with aplomb. Since most people have a herd mentality whether they realize it or not, most people don't want to be different and would rather not stand out which is why the single breasted suit jacket has been the more popular style by far.

As far as getting the proper fit for a suit jacket, the wearer needs to understand that it needs to fit without looking like it needs to be on someone else. The shoulder padding should not be overwhelming. You should barely notice it at all. The jacket should fit the wearer like it was made for him. The collar should wrap around the neck without any visible gap, The shoulders should stick out from the body and the front of the suit jacket should look well constructed providing the wearer with perfect presentation. Shop Here for Mens Suits. If prefer a more tailored fit, try some Slim Fit Suits on for size.


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