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Suits With Flat Front Pants-The In Look

Suits with flat front pants have comeback in huge way for young men who have seemed to grown up with slimmer looking clothing. You know it's funny, in the suit fashion world, you will see what is old, modern and classic all at the same time frame. It's really quite unusual in the clothing universe. You'll see the older suit wearer who favors fancy looking fashion suits and then you'll see the younger generation who have adopted the skinny look with Slim Fit Suits.

The younger generation now simply won't wear any suit that doesn't come with Flat Front Pants. To them pleats have become a dinosaur in the fashion world no less real than Jeanie pants of 1990. Every young man I encounter these days comes into the store looking for Suits With Flat Front Pants whether they are fitted suits or not. Pleats it seems just don't hold a candle any more to them or perhaps just look like something their Dad wears. The Younger man always has this way of protesting what the previous generation wears and wearing Suits that come with Flat front pants is one of them.

Now as you may already know, Suits with flat front style pants are nothing new in the suit world because you will see important business men wearing them already if you look close enough. Flat front style pants generally give the wearer a slimmer look and more pleasing silhouette then pleated pants which seem to puff out around the wearers lap. Flat front pants can be found in a number of classic suit styles and colors primarily with a 2 Button Suit, which has always been classic. You can find suits with flat front style pants in both solid colors like black,navy,gray and khaki as well as pinstripes and fashion stripes that look just great.

Now I recommend to any of my customers who are interested in suits with flat front pants is that they wear either a standard pointed collar dress shirt or a spread collar dress shirt with their tie knotted in the famous Windsor Knot. There is simply something about the Windsor Knot that looks a hundred times better than the standard four in hand style knot and yet you hardly see men wearing their ties with it. So if you're part of the new Gen and need some suits for work or serious play, it's time to get on board with suits that come with flat front pants.

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