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The Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Sometimes conforming is not an option depending on the event and type of person you are or want to be. There are black tie events that bring people together by wearing tuxedos which turns the entire room and evening into a sea of black tux clad men. Getting back to not conforming. You want to don something different and eye catching at the same time. A Velvet Tuxedo Jacket will certainly make that happen. Velvet tuxedo jackets have made a rather big comeback lately in the mens fashion clothing world and their stylish portrayal of how a man should dress has really made an impact. The velvet tuxedo jacket like the name implies is certainly just that. A jacket that you wear as a tuxedo that is made of velvet. You'll find on some that the lapels are the same shiny satin silky material that you find on your usual bread and butter style tuxedo jacket except that the rest of the jacket material is made of velvet. They are really quite regal looking and certain a great look for an after eight party during the cooler months. Nothing looks more inviting that really high quality velvet fabric.

When it comes to colors, you don't just have to wear your basic black color velvet either. Color is king and you'll find that you can choose from a bunch of colors such as royal blue, burgundy, red and even purple making your tuxedo attire a real red carpet inspired look. When you're the type of man who likes to stand out a bit and isn't shy about it, adding color to your tuxedo jacket is certainly a great way to go about it. Since the color of the velvet tuxedo jacket lapels is going to be black, make sure that you don't wear any other color tuxedo pants except black. That is tuxedo pants. Not regular dress pants but tuxedo pants that have those black satin stripe trim on the side of the legs that make them tuxedo pants. This ensures that you know your clothing like velvet tuxedo jackets and don't look like someone who just through anything together and look complete. Dress to impress.

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