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Velvet Blazer

The velvet blazer has been around for nearly two centuries and as you may well know. They have changed styles with the times and still enjoy a strong base of popularity to this day. The velvet blazer or jacket in this day and age is primarily an evening type blazer that really shouldn't be worn during the day light hours due to the more formal like nature that they employ. You'll find that during the colder months, a velvet blazer is not only stylish but extremely comfortable to wear as well. The rich texture of velvet will have you constantly wanting to feel the material of your blazer and if you meet any women when you're wearing one, you can bet your bottom dollar that she will soon be touch the rich material as well.

Now when it's time for you to wear a velvet blazer, the traditional way to do so is to wear a different material slacks or dress pants. Sure there are velvet suits, but when it comes to the more traditional look, you really want to wear a regular pair of dress pants of different material than velvet for the proper look. The velvet blazer is supposed to stand out on you when you are wearing it and not blend in a suit type ensemble.

To make your velvet blazer really pop, you should consider wearing a brand new white dress shirt underneath. A new crispy white dress shirt is the perfect contrast for making your velvet blazer do what it is supposed to do. Make you stand out as man of style and sophistication. We all know that a brand new white dress shirt has that appeal as well.

Since you're doing the slightly formal thing, you should consider a dark color bow tie or neck tie if that is your goal, if not, and you choose to be in a more casual vein, wearing that white dress shirt without a tie will work as well with your velvet blazer doing the major style footwork.

Once you dip your style toe in the world of velvet blazers, you will only not improve how you dress drastically but will improve your overall style and how you wish to look when you're out in public.

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