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Zoot Suit comes with matching vest

Mens Black Zoot Suit 1940s Style Tuxedo Look by Fortino T903V - click to enlarge

Name:Mens Black Zoot Suit 1940s Style Tuxedo Look by Fortino T903V
Seen Elsewhere $250.00
Contempo Price $169.99
Save: $80.01 (32%) Today!

Product Description

Wearing a men's Black Zoot Suit with a 1940s tuxedo style is how you become the life of the Party. When you're wearing a suit that was made simply for having a good time, you can know without a doubt that you can let your hair down and swing to the big band beat. This Black Zoot Suit Tuxedo features a 36 inch long coat with 5 Buttons, matching vest and pleated baggy pants made of 100% Poly Poplin. Glide across the floor like Cab Calloway in this Black tuxedo style Zoot Suit. Watch how many people you can meet at the event wearing a black zoot suit instead of just an ordinary suit.

Questions that you may have concerning this Black Zoot Suit.

Q: Do these zoot suits run to size?

  • Zoot Suits have long stylish jackets.

  • A: These black zoot suits will fit just like any other standard suit that fits you that is already hanging in your closet. They are sized by the chest size first and the waist size second. You can order either a Regular size or a Long size if you are six feet tall or taller which comes with longer length sleeves. The jacket length of zoot suits generally run about mid thigh which about 4 to 6 inches longer than an ordinary suit that you would wear for work. If you wish to have a baggier look, I recommend going with a size bigger and then you may need to do some alterations on the pants. Otherwise, just stick to your regular suit size.

    Q: Are zoot suits comfortable to wear?

    A: Yes, zoot suits will be as comfortable to wear as any other suit you wear as long as you are wearing your usual suit size. They are constructed in the same manner as a business suits with the same attention that you would see in the construction of the jacket chest piece which gives the jacket body and the padding and construction of the sleeves to the torso part of the suit jacket. Once you have the zoot suit on and you're all dressed up, you will quickly forget that you are wearing a zoot suit at all. Well, you may not forget that you're wearing a zoot suit because everyone at the event or party will notice you looking like you just came out of a time machine from the 1930s.

    Q: Do I need to take any kind of special care of a zoot suit?

    A: The only thing you need to do concerning taking care of zoot suits is the same care that you would take concerning regular suits for men. Make sure that you wear the jacket and pants at the same time and never think that you just wear the pant by themselves or the jacket by itself with some other slacks because by doing this, the pants or jackets will not wear evenly and one will end up looking newer than the other part. Plus, you will need to get the slacks cleaned first and the dry-cleaning process has a way of slightly fading the fabric. You won't notice it at all if you dry-clean the entire suit together but if done individually, you will start to notice a difference. Either the jacket will start getting more worn or the pants will start to wear out first and you don't want that to happen because the zoot suit will longer truly match. Also, make sure that when you're not wearing your zoot suit; you should keep it in a suit cover so it does not get covered with dust and keeps insects like moths away from it putting holes in your suit. As long as you're familiar with taking care of your suits, you will not have any problem taking care of your zoot suits.

    Q: What kind of shoes should I wear with a zoot suit?

  • Stacy Adams Shoes are perfect with Zoot Suits.

  • A: I always recommend that you should wear dress shoes only that is either new or in newer condition because nothing looks worse than wearing a brand new zoot suit and some beat up looking dress shoes that have seen better days. If you are really going for that authentic 1930s look, I would seriously steer you into some Stacy Adams Dayton shoes. These are wingtip dress shoes that have been continuously made since the 1920s and look like a step back in time. They come in different basic shoe colors as well as two tone such as black and white.

    Now if are wondering what color dress shoes to wear with your zoot suit, you can either wear a matching color pair of dress shoes or you can go the contrasting color route and wear a color of shoes that matches your dress shirt that you feel like wearing with your zoot suit. Let's say the color of your zoot suit is black, well you can wear black dress shoes and go that style route or if you are wearing let's say a red dress shirt, you can wear red dress shoes to match your shirt and contrast the whole look of your zoot suit. You can even mix it up by wearing two tone spectator shoes that match your zoot suit for some added flash. As long as you let your creativity come to life, you will be dressing in a manner that the original zoot guys used to dress. It was all about getting attention with bravado in mind.

    Q: Are these zoot suits made well?

  • You won't be disappointed with our Zoot Suits.

  • A: These zoot suits, that we sell at Contempo are made with the same tailoring methods that you are going to find in mens suits that cost several hundred dollars. You are going to find that jackets have full linings and fully functional pockets just like any suit would have. The collar and lapels are constructed with full suit construction methods as well. The jackets have a chest piece that is the canvas that is inside of the front of the jacket to give the jacket it's structure and body just like any regular suit. The pants have a standard waistband as well belying the quality methods that were used for making this zoot suit with linings in the legs as well just like any decent suit would have. These are not those cheap costumes that you see on sale for Halloween but are real suits made with real suit construction and are fully dry cleanable and will last you wear after wear. Party after party. You will certainly have fun wearing your zoot suit.

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