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Mens Sharkskin Suit 3 Piece Beige V2RR-1

Mens Sharkskin Suit 3 Piece Beige V2RR-1 - click to enlarge

Name:Mens Sharkskin Suit 3 Piece Beige V2RR-1
Seen Elsewhere $200.00
Contempo Price $139.99
Save: $60.01 (30%) Today!

Product Description

You've come to the right place if you are shopping for a cheap priced sharkskin mens suit. We sell budget priced mens suits on sale including sharkskin in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are looking for a basic mens suits on sale, you just can't go wrong with these Vinci single breasted suits made of sharkskin on sale in a huge variety of colors and sizes. This Vinci Two Piece Single Breasted Sharkskin Suit Features Three Buttons with a notched lapel,side vents and pleated pants. Although the price is cheap, it looks like a suit that cost 3 hundred dollars easy because it fits really nice and the fabric is very nice and finely woven. The fabric is made of Wool Touch Super 120s Poly/Rayon Sharkskin. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable priced Mens Suits.

Questions you may have about Sharkskin Suits.

Question: What exactly is sharkskin?

Answer: Any of you out there who happen to marine biologists, don't worry. Sharkskin suits are not made from the skin of actual sharks. In fact, sharkskin fabric is called such because it mimics actual sharkskin with a slight sheen without being overly shiny. It's a very subtle texture but is smooth to the touch and will immediately give you the sensation that the suit is made of real silk when it's usually but not always made of a a very fine woven Poly/Rayon fabric that mimics the touch of silk at a reasonable price. If the suit were indeed made of all silk or mostly silk, the price would be through the roof and only the very wealthy would be able to afford suits that cost that much. These days since fabric mill weaving machines are state of the art in technology, they are capable or weaving suit fabric such as sharkskin at a fraction of the price of real silk and are just as fine as real silk.

Question: Can you wear a sharkskin suit to work?

Answer: Traditionally sharkskin suits are usually made for times when you're off the clock and not at work. Because the fabric has a sheen to it or is shiny depending on the suit, you should shy away from wearing them to work and definitely do not wear them to work if you work in a bank, office or courtroom. They are really suits that show off your personal sense of style and style is almost always frowned upon in environments such as those. Now if you work in a more casual environment lets say an Advertising agency where creatively is encouraged and not suppressed, you may be able to wear one of these 3 button sharkskin suits there and make things happen with the right silk tie and shirt. I think on the TV show "Mad Men" you may see some of the gentlemen wearing sharkskin suits in the mode of the early 1960s.

Question: Is there any special way to take care of and maintain sharkskin suits?

Answer: If you know how to properly take care of your suits already, rest assure that you can take care of any suit you bought online made of sharkskin in the same manner. Now, if you're new to wearing suits whether they are made of sharkskin or not. Here are a few helpful hints and tips for you to take note of. Whenever you wear a suit whether it's made of sharkskin or not, always wear the jacket and pants together as a suit equally. Never think that you can just wear the jacket with another pair of pants or the suit pants without the jacket because what will happen is that your sharkskin suit will wear unevenly and one will start to look more worn or faded than other piece and it will no longer truly look like a suit. When you're finished wearing the suit for the day or night that is. Make sure you properly put the suit away by hanging it up properly on it's hanger which should be a hanger made for suits and not some horrible wire hanger that you got from the dry cleaners. In fact, when ever you bring home any of your mens suits from the cleaners. The first thing you need to do is take them off of those awful wire hangers and hang them up on their own suit hangers, preferably made of wood. A suit hanger will have the proper structure to support the shoulders of the suit jacket and keep the slacks in place and ready to go when it's time to wear it again. If you're not going to wear your sharkskin suit for a while, make sure that it's kept protected in a zippered suit cover that keeps the dust off of your suit and keeps those pesky moths and other insects from making a home or meal out of your fine suit.

Question: How often should I bring my sharkskin suit to the cleaners?

Answer: There is no firm answer to the question. It really depends on what you did that day or night in that suit to begin with. If you just wore the suit and didn't soil it or sweat through it from dancing the night away, you can usually get 5 or so wears out of the suit before you need to visit the dry cleaners. Now if you're sharkskin suit has seen some action and you've been sweating profusely, then you should bring that suit into the cleaners as soon as possible. If your sharkskin suit doesn't need to go to the cleaners just yet, invest in a decent garment steamer that suit stores and other clothing stores use. You can usually find them in most department and big box discount stores for about $50. These steamers are fantastic for getting the wrinkles out of your suits whether they are made of sharkskin or not. They also deodorize the suit as well because the extreme heat of the steam will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in your suit and we all know that bacteria is the cause of those nose offending odors. What I don't recommend is ironing your sharkskin suit because unless you really know what you're doing the iron will end up scorching or even possibly burn the fabric rendering your prize suit instant garbage. So, just get yourself a garment steamer and you'll be good to go.

Question: Is there any proper way to dress up in a sharkskin suit?

Answer: Depending on what color sharkskin suit you buy, it really depends on your personal sense of fashion style. You can always just go with your standard white dress shirt and match it up with a tie you like sort of what you see in the picture of this particular sharkskin suit or you can go to the dark side and hook it up with a more fashion forward look like a black dress shirt and matching tie or even burgundy. It really takes your taste and style to find what works for you and what looks right on you. What may look good on one particular man may not work for you, so do your homework and try a bunch of different combinations with your sharkskin suits to see what is right for you.

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