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Men's 1920s Black Gangster Stripe Suit with Vest Vinci V2RS-9

Men's 1920s Black Gangster Stripe Suit with Vest Vinci V2RS-9 - click to enlarge

Name:Men's 1920s Black Gangster Stripe Suit with Vest Vinci V2RS-9
Seen Elsewhere $200.00
Contempo Price $149.99
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Product Description

When it comes to cheap priced 2 piece 2 Button Mens Suits, If there is a classic suit that any Suit Man needs in his closet, look no further than a this classic 2 piece pinstriped suit by Vinci. These pinstripe suits may be cheap in price but these aren't your run of the mill cheap suits. Nothing will show the world that you mean business when you're at work or even at Church when you're all decked out wearing a classic pinstripe pattern suit with 3 buttons. A Pinstripe fabric suit is a mainstay suit of any man who takes pride in his wardrobe and with a little bit of creativity, you can make this suit simply stun. Look Well Dressed no matter what the occasion in this Vinci 2 button single breasted two piece pinstriped suit. Fabric is Poly/Rayon with a Wool Feel. This is a mens suit on sale that just looks more expensive than it is.

Nothing says style like wearing 2 piece Mens Pinstripe Suits. Read Articles on Mens Suits Here. Find the 3 Button Suit You're looking for Here.

One of the most stalwart classic style 2 Button mens suits any man can own is the pinstripe suit. It's one of the very most popular pattern fabrics outside of a solid color suit. Mens pinstripe suits have that certain proper look about them that makes them stand out from solid color suits. The pinstripes are crisp and maybe they just naturally draw the eye to the suit more strongly than if the suit was just plain in color. 3 button Pinstripe suits can be worn with any number of dress shirt and tie set combinations that you can shake a stick at. These cheap suits have the quality that any man who knows immediately that this is not a cheaply made suit.

If you go with either a 2 piece grey pinstripe suit or a black pinstripe men's suit your shirt and tie options are almost limitless as to what you want to hook it up with. If you pay close attention while watching the news or even watching professional athletes while they are off the field and going through their shows talking about their expertise, pay attention to the utter diversity of the ways that if they happen to be wearing pinstripe men's suits, the different color and style dress shirts they might be wearing and vast colors of silk ties in various patterns from solid colors to solid textures to various patterns and prints all just working magic with a pinstripe suits. That is how versatile these suits are and you'll be wearing this suit more often than you think.

Questions You May have concerning 2 piece 3 Button Pinstripe Men's Suits.

Question: Does your Pinstripe Suits by Vinci run to size?

Answer: One thing for certain with a reliable brand name like Vinci is that their pinstripe suits as well as all of the suits they make are standard fitting Italian style suits and if you have proper measurements taken by a tailor or buy suits all the time and know your suit size, you will have no problem with choosing the suit you want to buy on this website. If you usually wear a size 42 Reg suit, you will have no issues buying this 3 button pinstripe suit because these suits run to size.

Question: Are Vinci Pinstripe suits comfortable to wear?

Answer: As long as you've been properly measured for your suit size by a tailor or even a dress maker, you will be more than pleased to see how comfortable you feel wearing this pinstripe suit in your proper size. People who think wearing a suit is uncomfortable are people who have never had a proper fitting suit. These pinstripe suits not only look good on the hanger but they fit good on you as well, giving you space where you need it and fit you properly as well. You've seen people wearing suits where there is a huge gap in the collar area of the jacket or the sleeves are too tight which are hallmarks of poorly fitting suit which you won't find with this pinstripe 3 button suit because proper fit and consistency are very important for Vinci.

Question: What is the proper way to take care of this 3 button pinstripe suit?

Answer: First and foremost, when you are done wearing your pinstripe suit, the first thing you should do is hang it up on a proper wooden suit hanger that provides some support for the shoulders of the jacket because you don't want your suit jacket to start to show signs of sagging on an improper hanger. Never ever hang your suit up on a wire hanger, just like in that movie. Always wear the suit jacket together with the slacks because you don't want the jacket or pants not to wear unevenly in relation to one another. Do not mix and match your suit jackets and pants. That is what blazers and slacks are for. You should be sure to dry clean your pinstripe suit when it's necessary, usually after several wearings unless, you've prematurely soiled the suit or if it's during the summer months and you're sweating more than usual. It's always a good idea to keep your pinstripe suits or any suit for that measure in a proper suit cover ensuring that moths stay out of there.

Question: Are these pinstripe suits well made?

Answer: The answer is a very simple yes. Even though by comparisons, these pinstripe suits are relatively cheap, they don't have the expensive designer name attached to it which ends up making the suit cost dramatically more. These pinstripe suits are also made with proper suit construction manufacturing and have properly padded shoulders and chest pieces providing the proper body and shape of the suit jacket. They have well made lining which ensure comfort while wearing the suit and slacks have well made waistbands that won't roll over and are fully lined inside to the knees. A good hallmark of quality is to look inside the pants and see that there are no corners cut and that these suit pants have all the sewing construction necessary to provide the customer with years of wear.

Question: Are there any recommended ways to wear pinstripe suits?

Answer: Think of a pinstripe suit as a blank canvas of your personal fashion sense. Sure you can just go with your standard white dress shirt an a necktie that catches your eye but you can do so much more with pinstripe suits. Have you ever considered perhaps a fashion color dress shirt with a necktie to match the shirt or maybe some of our French Cuff dress shirt and tie sets that come in whole variety of colors and styles. As long as you're not trying to figure out how to dress it up in an office environment where personal style may be frowned upon. If you're wearing the suit for a party or Church, you can really let your style and swagger show big time. You can pretty much much wear any color or style dress shirt and tie set that catches your fancy and show everyone that you're the Man who knows how to dress.

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