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Slim Fit Suit Men's Shiny Blue Skinny Style Vinci S2RK-5

Slim Fit Suit Men's Shiny Blue Skinny Style Vinci S2RK-5 - click to enlarge

Name:Slim Fit Suit Men's Shiny Blue Skinny Style Vinci S2RK-5
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Product Description

Get out in style when you're hooked up in a shiny blue slim fit suit with a skinny style by Vinci. You've come to the right place if you are shopping for a Shiny blue Slim Fit suit that have a 2 button jacket. If you are looking for a two button slim fitting mens suit that is shiny, you just can't go wrong with these Vinci single breasted slim fit two button suits on sale. This shiny blue slim fit suit with that skinny style features 2 Buttons with a narrow notched lapels,side vents with a 31.5 inch length and slim fitting flat front pants. Fabric is made of Super 150s Poly/Rayon with a shiny finish to it.

The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller then the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants

If you are new to wearing slim fit suits, you may have questions on how to wear a shiny blue slim fit suit and look your stylish best. Assuming that you are going out either on a date or perhaps a special occasion, how you put on that slim fit style suit all depends on where you happen to be going.

If you're going on either a date or to a trendy bar or club, you have a number of options on how to wear your newly purchased slim fit suit with a skinny style. It all depends on how you feel and how you want to wear it. The first rule of thumb is of course dressing it up. When I mean dress it up, I'm talking about how you wear a traditional suit with your dress shirt and tie with dress shoes.

Depending on the style or color you are wearing, your slim fit suit can always desire a bit of creativity with the colors of the dress shirt and tie pattern that you choose when you decide on how to wear it to begin with. If you are wearing your your basic color suit such as black, blue or gray, you always have a huge palette of colors to work with because those basic color suits can match with pretty much any shirt and tie combo you want to throw at it.

You can go dark with your shirt selection or go bright with your shirt selection. It doesn't really matter because you'll look great no matter what. In terms of shoes, we strongly recommend wearing dress shoes when you go with the shirt and tie route. Your dress shoes should be in new or newer condition and polished pleased. Nothing looks worse than seeing a man wearing a suit and downtrodden pair of shoes that looks like you fished them out of a back alley somewhere. Take good care of your shoes and you'll look like you're well put together. You can wear either your more traditional style dress shoes such as cap toes or wingtips that are sleek style ie: Italian style shoes because those seem to go best with Italian style slim fit suits to begin with.

The second popular way how to wear a slim fit suit is the dressed down manner. By dressed down I mean casual style. When you wear a suit but decide to forgo the shirt and tie thing, you are essentially wearing your suit in a casual manners. When you're wearing a slim fit suit, that still applies because no matter what, it is still a suit that you're wearing. The best way to wear it in a casual manner is by wearing it with a dress shirt but without the tie and not buttoned all the way up. You'll still have a very sophisticated look going by wearing your suit this way.

I'm sure you've seen men wearing their suits sans tie in this manner when they are on vacation or at a nice restaurant and they don't have a tie on. They still look great. With a slim fit suit, nothing changes here either. Wear that suit of yours with your favorite dress shirt that of course should be slim fit as well so it doesn't bulge out of your suit jacket and you'll look great. As for shoes, you have slightly more options going on with the type of shoes you can wear. You can of course go with your nicely polished dress shoes and socks and still look great or you can even wear something on the casual scale of shoes.

Now as mentioned before, slim fit suits are Italian style and most definitely designed in Italy so the casual shoes you wear with your suit should also be Italian style shoes that are sleek in design. They can be casual loafers or even those sport style pseudo looking sneakers or trainers that look kind of like soccer shoes but come in shoe leather colors such as black, brown or tan. You can wear these casual shoes sockless as well in the warmer weather for that European stylish look. Any way you slice it, how you wear your slim fit suit is up to your personal sense of style.

If you ever read GQ magazine, you'll see the models wearing slim fit suits in a whole variety of ways. Most of the ensembles you see are highly creative and require that the man wearing the suit is extremely comfortable in dressing in an avant garde manner. You may see the model wearing the pants of his suit with high waters, in other words hemmed several inches short to show all of the shoe that he is wearing and the fact that he is not wearing socks.

This is only for the man who really goes that extra style mile when it comes to getting dressed to impress. For the average man who wears a suit and wants to look his best, we always recommend wearing what you feel more comfortable wearing. If you understand yourself and your style, you'll know how you want to wear your suits in a manner that let's you look your best and gives you confidence wearing them. Once you establish how you like to dress, you'll feel the need to wear your slim fit suits more often.

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