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Lucci Men's White 3 Button 2 Piece Suit 3PP

Lucci Men's White 3 Button 2 Piece Suit 3PP

Name:Lucci Men's White 3 Button 2 Piece Suit 3PP
Seen Elsewhere $99.99
Contempo Price $79.99
Save: $20.00 (20%) Today!

Product Description

What looks more crisp than wearing a White Suit. Wearing a 3 button single breasted white suit for men. In the old days you would see Sugar Barons wear nothing but a white suit in tropical locations and sometimes change them several times a day to stay fresh before the advent of air conditioning. This white suit for men is made by the one and only Lucci label made by Vinci which features a 3 button jacket with notched lapels in a single breasted style that is sure to please everyone who sees you in it. the Pants come double pleated and lined to the knee from comfort. The fabric is made of a wrinkle resistant Poly/Poplin fabric that is light in weight and fits great. You can hook up white suits with pretty much any color that you need or want to wear but they sure look their best with a contrasting color like black. It just makes a white suit pop. This white suit for men can also make a great Scarface costume if you want to dress up like Tony Montana and kill the cockroaches or even as Saturday Night Fever costume and dress like John Travolta and dance the night away if you have been invited to a Halloween costume party for night of fun and friends.

Questions You may have concerning buying white suits online.

Question: Does this white suit run to size?

Answer: Yes, Vinci has been making mens suits including white suits for many,many years and strive to keep tailoring and quality controls in check to make sure that the white suits that they manufacturer not only look good but fit good and fit the suit size that you wear. These suits are hand tailored so they go through several hundred processes until the suit is complete and they make sure that the suits are tailored on a proper suit form ensuring a proper fitting suit for a very reasonable price.

Question: Is it proper to wear white suits after labor day or in the winter?

Answer: In the old days the answer was an unequivocal no in this country and many countries of Europe but as we become a more Global planet with a blending of many cultures coming into their own and not just being a primarily European dominated culture, you will see many more uses for a white suit for men. Many cultures use white suits for special occasions and even funerals to honor those family members that have past since white has always been symbolic of purity. White suits are being used more and more these days for events such as these including weddings and sweet fifteen parties that many Latin American countries celebrate for their daughters turning fifteen years old. In America, there has been a party phenomenon for the past few years called "White Parties" started I believe by a Rapper or two. A White Party is a celebratory event where everyone gets dressed up in white suits or white dresses for the ladies and have themselves a good time. The party is usually held on the first Friday of every month at a disclosed location and have been quite successful for making white suits that much more popular.

Question: Are there any safe ways to care for white suits?

Answer: Taking care of a white suit isn't really much different than taking care of a suit in another color. Just with white you have to be more careful about where you sit or rub up against to keep your suit clean. I don't recommend wearing a white suit to a BBQ or being around small children with peanut butter and jelly on their hands. Just be a little more careful and you'll be fine. When it comes to cleaning a white suit, you should do it after a couple wearings just to keep it clean unlike a dark color suit that doesn't need to cleaned every time you wear it. Also, you should always store your white suit in a suit cover. Never ever just hang it in the closet because you need to keep the dust off of it plus keep it out of direct sunlight so the suit doesn't yellow from the UV rays of the sun. If you take these steps you'll get way more use out of your suit.

Question: Are there any special ways to wear a white suits ?

Answer: If your matching abilities are in tune, wearing a white suit isn't much different than wearing a dark color suit. You can always dress it up several different ways from just wearing your standard white dress shirt and a silk tie that catches your eye or go the John Travolta or Scarface way to wearing your white suit with a black dress shirt and a white tie to give a nice fashion contrast effect. If you are wearing your white suit for a special occasion the most traditional way to go dress fully white. White suit, white shirt, white tie and white shoes for the full monochromatic purity look. We sell many white dress shoes and white satin dress shirt and tie sets just for this very purpose.

Question: If something gets spilled on my white suit, what should I do?

Answer: Let's say someone by accident spills a little something on your white suit, there is no need to panic. The key is that you caught it in time. Just excuse yourself to the nearest bathroom and try to first soak up the spill with some napkins or a towel if one is handy. The next step is try to blot out the stain with a towel with cold water on it. Not club soda like you see in the movies but just cold water. Never ever use hot water because the heat in the hot water will do the complete opposite of setting the stain which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place. If you catch it in time you can usually limit the damage and get back to the good time you were having.

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