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Wedding Suits

Sometimes people call a spade a spade and then there are folks who call that same item a shovel. mens wedding suits fall into the same category in that one man's wedding suit is another man's tuxedo or dress suit. It all falls on culture and lifestyle and where you hail from. With different cultures and upbringings, a man may want to wear just a traditional suit for his wedding and just dress it up accordingly while there are many men who just go the more traditional route and wear a classic tuxedo for wedding suits. Like previously stated it all just boils down to culture and upbringing.

There are also a new generation of hybrid that has become a new style in wedding suits for men. What they are it seems is a mens fashion suit that may have some decorative trim on either the lapels and pockets with perhaps fabric covered button giving these wedding suits a desirable tuxedo sort of look but don't quite look like a tuxedo but to the average person looking at it, you can sort of see why the comparison will be made. These are suits that have an after 8 evening wear look to it and have a style that is simply not for everyone but for the man who is already with wearing either fashion suits or even modern style zoot suits, so they will become instantly comfortable wearing these new style modern hybrid style suits for a wedding.


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