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White Dress Shoes

Since I'm a movie buff, I am always taking in the messages that are trying to be portrayed in them. In National Lampoon's movie "Vacation" Clark's wife's cousin Eddie gives Clark a shoe box containing a pair of white shoes in it as a gift because Clark, played by Chevy Chase commented on how much he liked the white shoes that Eddie was wearing one time. Clark of course was being extremely sarcastic because Eddie is basically a slob who could never have any fashion sense.

Now that doesn't mean that you can never wear white dress shoes. You need to wear them in an appropriate setting and wearing the right apparel with them. Inexpensive White dress shoes should only be worn with a white ensemble such as a white suit or perhaps a white casual outfit like a walking suit. If you're wearing a white suit for a wedding, you'll absolutely need to buy a pair of white dress shoes on sale. If you're wearing white linen outfit you'll need a pair of white shoes to match. In fact if you're wearing a white suit for a religious ceremony or a wedding, white dress shoes will look absolutely stunning. Pure White. If you are of the daring type you can wear white dress shoes with a contrasting color zoot suit when your accessories are white, like your dress shirt and fedora hat.

Never wear white dress shoes to work and never wear white dress shoes when you're wearing jeans unless they're those pointy style Antonio Zengara shoes. Otherwise you will look no different than Cousin Eddie from the movie "Vacation". Did you know that ContempoSuits.com also sells Tuxedos too. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable priced Mens Suits. See what types of styles from Stacy Adams Shoes are now available. If you like real crocodile and alligator shoes, Belvedere Shoes has got you covered. Maybe you're shopping for Zoot Suits.

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