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What Type of Dress Shoes to Wear with Zoot Suits

What to do. What you do. You're a conservative dressing man by habit and one day out of the clear blue sky you have this crazy invitation to a costume party where you have to get all dressed up in zoot suit and shoes that match. So, you start shopping online at ContempoSuits.com and look over all the Zoot Suits and dress shoes available but you're not quite sure what kind of shoes to wear with your suit that you're driving for. Well after some browsing online you find a few potential zoot suits that you might strongly consider. Now, a slight feeling of panic sets in because you don't know much about zoot suits or what style shoes to wear with zoot suits. Well, thank goodness you found this site because I'm going to give you several suggestions of zoot suit friendly shoes you can wear with zoot suits.

First you need to decide on a couple things. Do you want your zoot suit to match your zoot suit friendly shoes or do you want your zoot suit to contrast your zoot shoes? Now first and foremost before I get started, first know that you are to wear dress shoes and nothing but dress shoes with a zoot suit. We recommend Stacy Adams Shoes, since they are fashion type shoes. Anything else and you're just going to look like someone trying to either make a fashion statement that doesn't work or look like a fool or both. Remember that first and foremost you always want to dress and look your absolute best. Even in a zoot suit. Men should always take pride in how they dress today and every day. Now, that I got that out of the way, we're back to your choice of matching or contrasting your zoot suit and zoot suit shoes. If you're matching your zoot suit, that means that the zoot shoes you are going to be wearing with your zoot suit will match the color of your zoot suit. If your suit is black, your zoot shoes are black, if your zoot suit is white, your shoes zoot shoes are white.Etc.. Now if you are a little more adventurous and wish to contrast the color of your zoot suit, I highly recommend wearing a contrasting fashion color dress shirt and matching tie and matching the zoot shoes up to the shirt and tie.

So, if you're going with a white zoot suit and want to wear, let's say a red dress shirt and matching tie combo, then you wear matching red dress shoes that contrast with the color of the zoot suit but match the color of your dress shirt. Now, when you contrast the color of your zoot suit, it really gives you many more color choices to go with because you can find shoes and dress shirts in so many more colors than you can compared to zoot suits.

You can find and wear all kinds of bold bright colors of zoot shoes and dress shirts that work for making you the life of the party. Make sure you are wearing a matching color dress hat on your head that matches the zoot suit. Which ever route you want to go with, you'll do well and look your eye catching best when you wear a zoot suit.

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