Zoot Suit Mens Gray with Gray Stripe Three Piece Vested Fortini 29198

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Zoot suits have a way of bringing a smile to peoples faces when you show up to an event or a party wearing one of these long jacket suits with the bold stripes on them. A Gray stripe zoot suit has a boldness about it that will have you become the center of the party itself. There is something about the way Stylish Zoot Suits just seemed to march to the beat of their own drum and not want to fit in which is pretty much why the Pachuco men loved them so much to begin with. Don't go to a Swing Dance party and not have on the right Zoot Suit that is made for fun like this gray shadow stripe Zoot Suit by Fortini. Fortini makes their gray shadow stripe zoot suits in the same quality construction tailoring methods that will ensure you that you got yourself a stylish Zoot Suit that will last. This gray shadow stripe zoot suit features a 37-inch long coat with 5 buttons, a matching vest, and baggy pleated pants ready for action. This suit will also look good when you wear Satin Dress Shirts. Fill your closet with some very respectable looking Mens Cheap Suits here. Men of the younger generation are all about tighter-fitting clothes which is why they prefer Stacy Adams Shoes. The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller than the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and for 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants