When is the Best Time to Wear a Dinner Jacket

Posted by Aaron Sarfati on Jul 19, 2023

If you follow mens fashion clothing, you may have noticed a serious resurgence in mens dinner jackets. As may or may not know already, a Dinner Jacket is pretty much a tuxedo jacket that is basically a suit style jacket that features satin trim upgrades on the lapels and pockets and satin coverings on the buttons as well. What you may not know that is that they are actually a fashion item to wear now.

There are two primary types of mens dinner jacket these days, the more traditional type of tuxedo jacket that comes either in black or white. Then there are the fashion minded types that pretty much throw convention out of the window and come in either fashion colors, fancy pattern fabrics, the combination of fancy colors with a fancy pattern and have fancy lapels as well just for effect.

Depending on the style of the dinner jacket and when the best time to wear one certainly depends on what, who, when and where. If you're wearing a more traditional style dinner jacket, the best time to wear it is to a formal black tie event. You know, a big dinner where everyone is decked out in formal wear wearing black dresses for the ladies primarily and black tuxedos and dinner jackets for the men with one or two men in the room going a bit unconventional in white dinner jacket. These jackets are known to be worn in the evening and as a fashion note should be known that that is when you wear them which is why in England they were referred to as a dinner jacket for the upper crust.

Now if the style of dinner jacket is more of the flashy fashion side, knowing when to wear it isn't as strict. First of all, when it comes to mens fashion or fashion in general, there really isn't a best time to wear the item like a dinner jacket. There isn't even special place either. I could make suggestions such as that you should wear a fancy style dinner jacket only in the evening or only at a black tie affair but those simple rules for dressing don't really apply. With the fashion styles available for dinner jackets that have fancy pattern fabrics and such, you can wear them pretty much anywhere special that you are going. The when part really should only apply to the evening when you're going out. The where part should apply to the fact that you're going out to look stylish and that usually can be at a trendy club, a restaurant or perhaps a Casino where you'll be lounging around seeing people and being seen. When you're style minded man who favors fashionable dressing, just slipping on that dinner jacket can do so much for your look and if you're at a trendy bar or Casino looking to meet people, you will have the right look as to not have people gravitate towards you and not away from you. So, depending on what type of dinner jacket you're going to wear or who you are, you'll know when the best time to wear a dinner jacket.