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They are available in all vintage styles and patterns to elevate your style. You will find classy low-priced vintage 1920s and 1930s-style suits for men in many fashion patterns and colors here at Contempo Suits. You can find our old-fashioned style suits that come in double-breasted and 3 piece styles, too. They generally have bolder patterns like stripes to stand out in the crowd. These are mafia suits made to get noticed. Think of it as the Alpha male of style. It is the complete package that is necessary for that old-school Gangster look. Please take a look at our collection of double breasted gangster suits for more options. For anyone who has ever been a fan of Gangster movies, I'm pretty sure you noticed the brash-looking fashion suits that characters playing thugs on film were wearing with their Stacy Adams Gangster Shoes. We would always see the Villain wearing a fancy getup comprising a fancy suit and shoes. All to stick their thumb in the eye of authority and quiet suit fashion style. These don't look like a Pinstripe suit. You must recognize them for their eye-catching style and the impossibility of blending into the crowd. Style is what the street-level Mafia guys always wanted, which partly would end in their downfall in the movie.

During the 1930s, Hoodlum movies would have characters like James Cagney, who was no one fool, rising to the top of his seedy underworld, killing anyone who got in his way or who he thought was in his way wearing looking Men's Suit which usually consisted of a bold striped double-breasted suit with wide lapels. This type of suit is now called gangster stripe for several reasons. First, most men's suits used for business don't try to have bold-looking stripes; instead, they try to have more muted-looking stripes or patterns. You're not supposed to be loud-dressing in the business world at all. Second, the lapels were usually wider than your general suit lapels, which immediately tell a person that you are what you like. You're not another empty suit in an office toeing the company line. The pants on a double-breasted suit that James Cagney wore would also have baggy pleated pants, while business suits were regular cut and flat front without pleats. Wearing spectator shoes was also something you would never see in an office anywhere. Still, you would know a hoodlum in the movies wearing those fancy-looking black and white dress shoes, not giving a hoot if he stood out from the crowd because that is what he wanted to do.