Hat Size Chart

 Learn how to measure for hat size for a man here. Whether you're ready to buy your first mens dress hat or have bought mens hats for years, Shopping online for mens hats can be tricky but it's not impossible. Sure the easiest thing to do is to try on a hat in a hat store to see if it fits but you just don't have that option if there is no hat store near you or there is no hat store near you that sells Godfather hats and Fedora hats like we do. Now you have no choice but to shop online for the dress hat you want to buy. When you buy mens hats while shopping online you need the proper information. Here at ContempoSuits.com we have a great Mens Dress Hat Size Chart here at your disposal for figuring out the first time which size hat you need just by seeing the hat size chart we have here. Have someone properly measure the circumference of the crown of your head and match the inches you have measured in the process. You will you be able to make an educated decision on which hat size to buy when reading our dress hat size chart that we have available here. When you are shopping online for a hat and don't normally wear one, you are not going to know what size you need. It's important to have someone measure your head right where you're going to wear your hat. You can't just willy-nilly measure for hat size but measure the proper size where you generally wear your hat. Once you have someone measure the size of your head in inches you just need to convert those inches to the closest size you see on the hat size chart and then you will see exactly which size hat you need.  Now some mens hats come in either traditional hat sizes or like 7 1/8 and many hats today come in hat sizes such as medium or large. So depending on the make of the hat, you just have to use the handy hat size chart to make your determination.