Sharkskin Suit

A Sharkskin suit is easy to get noticed when that is your goal. The stylish man wants to be noticed and appreciated for knowing how to put himself together. Our collection of cheap mens suits won't let you down. One thing immediately comes to mind whenever I think of the Sharkskin Suit. I immediately think of the style of the early 1960s and Motown music. It was a whole new era with a style all its own. I have always associated a Sharkskin suit with that era with the narrow lapels and peg leg cuffs on the bottom. They quickly caught on in popularity with celebrities from TV and music fame. Sharkskin suits had a shiny way of telling people that they were well-dressed and stylish at the same time without looking outrageous. They are opposites of the Pinstripe suit. Modern versions are constructed of poly/Rayon fabric with the same sheen you are familiar with.

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Sharkskin fabric is always a good starting point for designers looking for inspiration to create something new in the suit world. When you start with fabric that is as nonconformist as sharkskin, something is bound to be created that is different from what you may be used to. You certainly should avoid wearing a suit with this type of fabric to work because of the lack of formality to it. Sharkskin fabrics are too stylish for any work environment, including an office environment. Keep those shiny suits for more fun places and entertainment situations, and you'll be on the right track.