Mens Top Hats

Regarding the World of hats, the top hat makes a style statement. Sure, other men's hats say something about the man wearing them, but a top hat tells a different story. It is a mens dress hat like no other before it. The top hat first appeared during the 1600s but did not become popular until 1797. It was during the Victorian era in England that the top hat took off because it was a fashion item that went well with Victorian-style clothing of the time. Initially, they were known as stove pipe hats due to the straight-rising shape of the crown. They were much taller, too. Eventually, those gave out to the style we are all more familiar with. Men's top hats these days have a crown that starts from the hat band and gently flairs up and out to a flat top, unlike the stove pipe, which stays straight to the top. At Contempo Suits, you can find top hats in many colors for any costume you may be putting together. Our collection of top hats for men is authentic. It has satin linings and leather sweatbands inside and is made of luxurious 100% wool felt. can fill your group order for top hats.