Plaid Suits

Plaid suits refer to a men's suit that is made of plaid patterned fabric. When it comes to patterned suits for men, plaid has a very long and respected history. The term plaid comes in many different varieties from your standard patterns, like glen plaid and square box windowpane variety. You'll find that men who have style like to wear plaid style suits whether they come in 2 piece or 3 piece suit styles. The pattern can be either bold windowpane and in your face or more muted and conservative in nature. At Contempo Suits, you can find that plaid suit that will fit your personality. If you like your suits for men colorful and bold, we have those. If you like them to be more subdued, we can help you as well. Whatever type of plaid pattern suit you are looking for, whether it's regular plaid or windowpane can be found at Contempo Suits. If you ever asked where sportscasters get their suits from, Contempo is one of the places. If watching sports on TV, you should notice that an overwhelming number of sportscasters are wearing plaid fabric suits in all types of colors and styles. It's almost like someone told them that you need to start wearing these windowpane pattern suits because that is the style of suit to wear and look your best. Either way, if a sportscaster looks good in a plaid mens suit, you will too.